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  1. this is stunning!
  2. Me neither so thank GOD it was in a box!
  3. beautiful!
  4. Amazing! I just found an etched vase signed by this artist at our local thrift. Needless to say I was really over the moon!
  5. We use the Thule pattern at home. Love his glass.
  6. The little birdie is marked Denmark Art or smth like hat. It's very hard to read. He is a keeper and makes excellent friends with my Kay Bojesen monkey!
  7. I love David Andersen! I only ave his jewellery though.
  8. Thank you so much! I came across Rudolfa when I found the exact piece so I knew what you meant. I now hope I am as lucky with figuring out my other glass pieces. This has been an incredible help!
  9. You are just marvelous! c1963 and made at the Rudolfova glassworks. Pattern no.13139. I owe you one!
  10. yes, its a beautiful smoky amber like colour. I was fascinated by it so I had to buy it!
  11. Thank you Rob, it is precisely what I was thinking although I have not seen the example you quoted above. I studied the vase but just do not see any signatures which is a bummer!
  12. i just posted a kids Campbell plastic saucer and cup set made in taly probably from the 50's but I need hep with it.
  13. I got a beautiful large 40's ster silver and marcasite filigree brooch, a lot of scandinavian glass (signed and with labels), some scandinavian textiles, some modernist mid century designer pieces and...
  14. Heheheh...I shall not mention what I pay then. hehhehee
  15. Yes, West Germany but I think its crystal and it weighs a tonn and I am fairly certain it says "crystal" on the label (ech-blei kristal). Pressed glass usually has seams on each side no? (hence presse...
  16. I am thinking a forest too. Good point, student work! OR just someone who is not very well known. People tend to attribute better pieces to well known individuals.
  17. Thank you! There are many similar journeys in my life as I love things that drive me crazy!
  18. I usually used google image search which works every time but none of the pieces were remotely similar which makes me think that perhaps an interesting artist was contracted out to do a limited line o...
  19. I was smitten by it but now frustrated with it...who made this? Most annahutte pieces seem to be rather...boring and traditional crystal pieces.
  20. I wish I had room but right now they are just sitting in the garage. We bought a complete large set of Belgian TAVO teak dining room set so there is no more room!
  21. I had one kluk kluk and my husband accidentally smashed it only a week after I found it. Very sad!
  22. Wendy, they are just stunning!
  23. Just uploaded.
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BYRAM MANSELL (1899 – 1977) SIGNED PRINT Finn Juhl Danish modern Masterpiece


posted 8 months ago