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SE Indiana

Retired typesetter with interest in many old things, especially toy and miniature sewing machines.


Knitting Basket Stand - Furniturein Furniture
Display of a few Toy and Miniature Sewing Machines - Sewingin Sewing


  1. I have looked for one of these for a long time for a display partner for a Buster Brown toy sewing machine. Lucky you!
  2. Yes, I'll put up a some more from time to time. Any in particular you are interested in? We have a few that are unique, either by their condition, or the manner in which they came to us. Glad you like...
  3. Thanks for your comment, J. C. I've seen a lot of knit, crochet, and sewing "stuff", but never another one like this. Things like this seem to call out to me. I'm not sure of the wood, but it does h...
  4. I believe it is a set-up basket for a circular hand-crank knitting machine.
  5. If you can find the serial number, you can find out about your machine on the Singer site: You can even download free copies of most Singer manual...
  6. Beautiful "red eye" Singer! The cabinet is great, too. I don't know about the value, but sure is a nice piece.
  7. I love the idea of incorporating into a knitting project...wonderful gifts for family members. I've been making 25-inch scarves with a buttonhole and adding a button out of inherited button boxes.
  8. Lisa, I really appreciate the opportunity. We are out of room for any more full-sized machines. We have at least one in every room and some out in a building. We concentrate on the toys and miniatures...
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Buster Brown Shoes Advertising rag doll Singercraft Guides our lovely little sister to our 222k is this wonderful white 221,made in Gt Britain,                                       Singer "Ripper & Threader" Variations 1910 working Singer sewing machine with original wooden case my lovely 222k featherweight Typewriter Desk 1860's Cleveland Gordon Printing Press, Desk, Accessories my very nice fiddlebase x 2 Old Case Tractor Grill


Farm Machinery and Equipment-1948 1938 Gas Farm Engines and Tractors book Depression glass pitcher but what pattern???? What is this? Antique Sadeli Anglo-Indian Inlaid Ivory, Jade, and Silver Sewing Box. My favorite Art Deco earrings Celluloid Snuff Spoon - Whirlygig! My Mom's Favorite Lamps "Golden Gate Exposition - San Francisco 1940"  Featherweight 221 unique chest The Lion Crown Sewing Machine Co. Not sure what this is... What is THIS ephemera item? cast iron ironing table If you know who made this, you're a genius. Tin Junior Mixer Toy with Stand and Bowl


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