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  1. Nice, I love these trunks.
  2. Unrestored, wow. Beautiful trunk.
  3. Thank you sir, I love it.
  4. Thanks AnythingObscure, renedijkstra, Keramikos, Longings, blunderbuss2, iggy, fortapache, and Brunswick.
  5. Thanks yougottahavestuff, aura, fortapache,Andiesmom, Bruce99, kwqd, AnythingObscure, Broochman and blunderbuss2.
  6. Beautiful job.
  7. I have one of these.
  8. Love it!
  9. Very nice Martin. I want one :)
  10. I agree, but still a nice pickup :)
  11. Very nice. Should clean up well.
  12. I love double locks. Beautiful Trunk.
  13. I love it!
  14. Very nice and obviously, expertly done. Very clean French look to it.
  15. Beautiful trunkman! I'm still in search of one of these. Great find.
  16. Looks like a Silver Godinger Luggage Trinket Box - Circa 1991 - Gift Card Box Jewelry Box. Very nice!
  17. Very nice.
  18. Love it!
  19. Very cool, love it.
  20. Thanks TheGateKeeper and bjb5859
  21. Really like this one. What a find. Beautiful.
  22. Tks yougottahavestuff, huntergqlee and Radegunder.
  23. Tks yougottahavestuff and ho2cultcha
  24. Thanks yougottahavestuff!
  25. Thank you sir. I will absolutely try that. And thanks to all for all the tips.
  26. Thanks hunterqlee, ho2cultcha and frisco.
  27. Tks TheGateKeeper
  28. Tks Manikin and ho2cultcha
  29. Tks hunterqlee!
  30. Thanks Drill!
  31. Thanks Im4anythingOld. Didn't know the 3 slats were that rare. I would love to see the double lock. I'll be emailing you soon about the Jenny Lind buttons. Maybe then you can send PICs of the double l...
  32. I will, thank you sir!
  33. Wow, excellent job sir. I love it.
  34. Very nice find, beautiful.
  35. Very nice alligator tin trunk. Love the double locks. It should restore well.
  36. Thanks yougottahavestuff
  37. Elisedont without any identifying label, hardware or markings, its fairly difficult to specifically identify these things. I would post a picture of yours and let the good folks here perform their bes...
  38. Thanks TheGateKeeper, Elisedont and and hunterglee.
  39. As always, thanks for the info greendog. I grew up calling anything that looked like a pirates chest a steamer trunk. Since finding this site because of folks like you I have been and continue to be p...
  40. Beautiful cooler. I just picked up a silver one with red letters. Love your collection.
  41. Wonderful rare find, a real beauty.
  42. Wonderful find. I love it.
  43. Thanks Mrstyndall and LovelyPat
  44. Thank you very much AnythingObscure. I've grown to love it even more since the original posting.
  45. A great find. I love these old things.
  46. Wow, another great find!
  47. Very nice sir. A real gem!
  48. Love it!
  49. Very nice. Love the beveled top.
  50. Very cool!
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E. Moyle Steamer Trunk 1800's Tool Box