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Miller Lite Rusty Wallace - Brewerianain Breweriana
Stamps..for what!? - Stampsin Stamps
Possible Great Uncle, with Bank Note - Photographsin Photographs
Grand Prix Grandfather Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Army Air Base Clovis N.M. Scrap Book - Photographsin Photographs
Turtle with washington on the back? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Grandpas Rings - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Bridge workers? - Photographsin Photographs
Communion? - Photographsin Photographs
Old Bridge Photographs - Photographsin Photographs


  1. I don't know what it is
  2. lol, I still use this making coffee, it's way better then a Bunn or Kerig!
  3. Wow, thank you OlofZ ! I know very little of my family, they all past away earlier then I came along. I appreciate any info on ANY pictures of items!
  4. I have a vase, larger one, with it's same color and diamond pattern, however, I also have a wine glass that has the same handle type, the wine glass is handblown, however, yet I know nothing of your g...
  5. Lol..ok
  6. Thank you
  7. is it possibly for a scouring pad to sit in, like the frogs you used to see by the sink of dishes?
  8. thank czechglass5, for the info!
  9. I think they are too young there, maybe not, I was confirmed my junior of high school. they look younger, I think
  10. Thanks for looking????
  11. No, sorry these were all there were.
  12. thank you I will look
  13. I posted it on my own page, it's brand is Ton Ton
  14. I'm trying to share the picture and the box it came in but it doesn't allow me to post pictures
  15. I have something that looks the same only different picture
  16. what does the number on the bottom mean? I am asking because I have this odd shaped small dish/bowl with the colors as you have but on the bottom it has a 3 in the same color of blue, but not circled...
  17. My grandparents had that same set, we have pictures of our mom holding up as babies on the saddle of the couch. I remember them when I was 5 and it was 1977, so they are probably late 60's, I have no ...
  18. :) and might I say, this has given me an appetite for more info. thanks
  19. Well, I am neutral as far as the SWASTIKA goes, since this IS completely the wrong direction to be considered one, thanks everyone
  20. well that makes me a little more curious about the shape and reason
  21. ? I am unaware?
  22. Windwalker, thank you but I think I have more information on Marmarth then theycould give me there, lol, I have sent pictures from my Mother's book she was going to publish, I could dig up the informa...
  23. The building is in Marmarth ND, it is the Barber Auditorium, this molding was found around the gym in the upstairs, I apologize for the question, NevadaBlades, I have a fast mind and a slow ...
  24. Thank you for the information, I wonder do you think that there was any specific reason, or suppose the bricklayers and builders were on one general plan?
  25. no but I definitely recognize the painting, my grandmother had it hanging in her bedroom forever, I starred it to sleep many a night, thanks for sharing
  26. I love this!!
  27. I am not completely positive, but it looks like it says Roger on it?? Thanks shareurpassion!
  28. So glad to see this, I have a black one just like it!! Thanks so much!!
  29. Thanks for thelove antiquerose, Manikin, PhilDavidAlexanderMorris,AnneLanders,
  30. Thanks davy286, I'd seen that on ebay as well, it's a weird texture!
  31. how about clothes pin for something dainty like won ton wraps? Ok ok, I'm reaching a bit on THAT one..sorry.
  32. Or it also could be 1 of several sticks to a fan, I do know they are a split stick, my grandmother used to make them
  33. Personally, I believe it's a hair stick
  34. Thank you antiquerose, my Mom, as well, played one along with every other instrument you can think of.
  35. Thank you Sean68!
  36. I too have one, however you do not have it posted. It almost looks like a flask, but has holes in top of lid like a shaker of sorts, for powder maybe?
  37. Thank you TallCakes
  38. Thank you TallCakes!
  39. I love this, I have a mini one like it
  40. Thank you very much for your info!
  41. thank you
  42. Thank you aghcollect!
  43. thanks for the comment, I have a few comics of Batman, lots of Marvels in my collections, my older brothers and I read like crazy and pretended a LOT as kids, sure wish kids could get that kind of ima...
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Miller Falls Tools N0 2100 Breast Drill A "weird" what is it ???? Marbles Anyone PHOTO 1912-16 Leith,NORTH DAKOTA--TRAIN?  MIDDLE ON NOWHERE-WHAT ARE THESE GUYS GOING TO DO THERE? ENLARGE PHOTO! LE POILU WEAPON National Cash Register...Model 8...With Top Sign...All Original from 1885