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  1. This item is a picker arm assembly from a potato planter, see patents 1,240,529, 2,062,578, and 2091480 This video shows it in use:
  2. So you can burn the newspaper logs in the fireplace.
  3. It's an asian betel nut cutter.
  4. It's a twitch, and is used to grip a horse's lip. If you do an image search on antique horse twitch you will see more of them.
  5. It's a clapboard marker:
  6. Looks like an old record player spindle.
  7. This tool was used along with a coolerator ice cube cutter, which makes the cube shapes in the top of a block of ice. The coolerator was filled with hot water, it was then placed on top of a block of ...
  8. It's an ice pick, the patent for it can be seen on this page:
  9. Maybe a pencil sharpener.
  10. I agree with UncleRon, looks like a Bavarian whetstone.
  11. It's a grafting froe for use on fruit trees.
  12. The coil is filled with asbestos, this is the end that is soaked in kerosene. It's used just like the fire starter pots with pumice wands. Would guess that the large ring isn't very functional except ...
  13. These are fire starters, they were dipped into kerosene, lit on fire, and then placed under logs in a fireplace to set them ablaze.
  14. I've seen a few of these over the years so I recognized it when I saw the photo.
  15. It's part of a shoe stretcher, you are missing the two wooden parts.
  16. It's definitely a saw set
  17. Looks like an antique carpet stretcher.
  18. It's for opening train windows.
  19. It's a vulcanizer clamp for patching old tires.
  20. It's a carpet stretcher, see the patent and description under the photo on this page:
  21. Does the small two prong end of the tool have a back and forth motion when you pull the chain? If so then that is a strong indicator that it's a valve lapper.
  22. Rustfarm nailed it.
  23. It's a clapboard gauge:
  24. It's a Sargent nut cracker
  25. It's a rug tufting tool, a similar one can be see at the link below:
  26. It's an antique milk bottle opener, for prying out the cardboard disc at the top of the bottle.
  27. This tool is a currier's knife, it was used to scape hides.
  28. A friend of mine has the same tool and I had seen it several years ago.
  29. This is actually a Fisher's Humane Poultry Killer, here is the patent:
  30. Although it might be a saw jointer, I'm finding images of your item when I search either raker gauge or saw jointer. They are very similar tools, at this point I'm leaning towards saw jointer.
  31. It's a raker gage:
  32. It's a railroad spike puller
  33. It's a wing nut wrench
  34. It's a clapboard gauge
  35. It's a butter working table:
  36. Years ago a friend of mine had one of these and also had the patent.
  37. You are right about it being used with ice, it's called a pole grapple, as seen at these links: http://books.go...
  38. It's for filling communion cups, here is the patent for it:
  39. It's a nail puller, for use on partially driven nails like those that secure a skin to a board. The patent is below, though yours looks a little different since they changed the design over the years....
  40. It's an oriental trunk lock
  41. AzTom is correct though the patent calls it an ice pick:
  42. It's a ladder jack, if you are painting the outside of a house and have two ladders and two ladder jacks, you attach a ladder jack to each ladder and then you can place a scaffold on the ladder jacks,...
  43. The tool from left to right: can opener, corkscrew, knife sharpener (sharpening stone is seen mounted here), notches on the bottom right for snapping off scored glass, far right end has a little wheel...
  44. It's for use on wagon wheels, there is a similar one here:
  45. It's a fish scaler
  46. It's definitely a set up basket for a circular knitting machine, a couple of similar ones can be seen on these pages: http://itissunnyatebertshome....
  47. It's a carpet stretcher.
  48. It's a butter working table.
  49. Hey alsh, could you double check the patent date? Sometimes they get scratched and are easy to misread.
  50. It's an old champagne bottle tool. The cylinder on the handle is missing the brush that it's supposed to hold, I think the other handle is an ice breaker, and of course the wire cutters are for cuttin...
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