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Olympia, WA

Coca Cola Collector. Misc. Signs, Vending Machines. Coolers


Thought I would show a couple of my things - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1922 Coca Cola Sign? CCK - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Goebel Beer Sign 1951 - Signsin Signs
Here is another Coca Cola Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Metal Coca Cola Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. Also he state in the date of creation, early 1900s, 1915 thereabouts.
  2. I looked at the ebay wording on the sign, he is using Vintage Coca-cola 1915, that is not a true statement. Email and contract your bid. Notify ebay of your reason.
  3. These were made in the late 90's.
  4. Sorry wrong page. Go the the HOME page and select Soda Fountain Dispensers.
  5. Only thing I found was a Mission Orangeade Counter Top Dispenser made in the 1930's. Fairly close to the same type. Fourth down on the page.
  6. Some Simple Green will loosen up the spilled paint, let it sit for a minute, then take flat razor blade and skim the surface litely, the old red paint is really tough, keep the razor flat, watch the c...
  7. Looks homemade, but nicely done. I'm trying figure out what the center metal covers are off of. clay
  8. Sorry it looked short in the picture but after looking at it closer I see the full side is still there. So it a Westinghouse Standard, Are the lids made of wood?
  9. Looks like the Westinghouse Standard with the lower part cut off, they did this years ago to put on a counter top and when they shipped the coolers overseas for the Army.
  10. Here is some info.
  11. Just a GE painted red refer.
  12. Westinghouse Master, question about restoring is depends, if you want it for yourself the yes. But to restore and make a profit depends on what you can do (ie, paint, take out dents fix rusted areas) ...
  13. Looks like you have a Kelvinator FE-51 without the chrome trim? Not sure. Could be a different model, any tags on it? Here is whats on file:
  14. You have a Westinghouse Junior, lids look pushed in and missing a cap catcher and bottle opener. Parts you can get at Other info here:
  15. Here is some info on it.
  16. Looks like a Model 64, check the dimensions, and bottle size on the Model 80 and 96 to make sure.
  17. Westinghouse Standard, here a link. Check out that site, lots of info on it.
  18. Damn, I type to fast sometimes the above website is A should have been if it works.
  19. Here ya go. As of value, a few years ago about $400, I base my judgement what other guys have purchased them on t...
  20. May need a new t-stat. Subscribe here
  21. Its a Kelvinator FE-51, the manufacturer is Grandale Company LTD, 35 Jenkins Street, Toronto, Canada. Made in the late 1940s. If it works no rust, $250 would be a good price.
  22. Perry see my link on post #7 in this thread. They sell repop lids and cap catchers. I do have the original lids but not selling at this time I made need them for another cooler, but I may in the futur...
  23. Another
  24. Here is one on ebay right now.
  25. First does it work, is the compressor motor still there, is there any rot, which I mean soft spots in the metal or rusted completely through. Looks like your missing the small door cover also. Right n...
  26. Except the one on ebay does not have the holes in the corners.
  27. Here is a 1922 that in rough shape for $61. They do look the same but different dimensions.
  28. I have the same sign, same size 18x4 1/2 in almost new condition. One was just one ebay for $5 and I've seen 2 others go for $15-$20. I don't think there 1922. But I not sure of the year they were pro...
  29. Value, I sold mine on craigslist about 2 months ago for $350. It was running and in really nice condition. Clay
  30. I still have one left, talked to a guy that had another one, he said his was given to him by the Coca Cola distributor for his store as a display back in the 90's. I sold one for a $150. I saw another...
  31. Here is a picture of a Westinghouse Standard enclosed type. Here is a picture of a Westinghouse Junior with open bottom, ...
  32. You have a Cavalier Standard with it legs cut off, same as a Westinghouse Standard but Cavalier also made them. Many stores cut the legs off to put them on countertops, I also have read that the milit...
  33. Juan the cap catcher is usually gone on most of these cooler, good find. I maybe able to find you a original lid if you can not find one let me know. @ Clay
  34. Hansen send me an email and were your located in Washington, I'm in Olympia. Clay
  35. At least look at it for parts if their is a cap catcher or that sign is tin, door handles, chrome trim some parts may cross over to other coolers that you could sell or trade.
  36. Here it is if you buy it on line.
  37. Here is a good place TT.
  38. Need some better pictures and the dimension.
  39. In the late 1940's.
  40. Did take try again:
  41. Here is some info:
  42. Joe check out Which model do you have?
  43. Found it,
  44. Here is some info.
  45. Its a Jacobs 26 or 35 here are a couple of links.
  46. Well a couple of years back the book value on a working order/no rust with all parts was around $1800 and up. I really can't tell by your picture the shape its in, and the handles are hard to find. I ...
  47. Cavalier C-27 is what it looks like, here a picture and some info, check the discussion area on the main menu for parts.
  48. Don't get me wrong other people want a lot more for them I just wait for the deals to come along. I've missed a couple for $100 sometime back but most have damage or missing the cap catcher or bottle...
  49. Ray, I like the small machines and coolers I can find room in my house for them. yeah no dings or dents a couple of small scuffs on mine. Clay
  50. Post some pictures of it. On a separate post so we can see the condition.
  51. See more


Vintage Coca-Cooler 1950's Coke Cooler restored.... before& after Some of my collection - Part 1 16" Coca-Cola Red Button Sign 1956 Coca Cola Bottle Bullseye Sign Huge Coca Cola Sign Large Tin 1947 Drink Coca Cola Ice Cold Sign Large