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San Diego, CA


Old Copper Vase 
Etched Glass & Copper Wall Sconce - Lampsin Lamps
Mexican Chocolate / Cooking Utensil - Kitchenin Kitchen
Antique Carved Wooden Lion Stash Box - Animalsin Animals
Spagetti Cats from Italy - Figurinesin Figurines
Iridescent Etched Glass & Copper Wall Sconce - Lampsin Lamps
RW&S Sterling small serving plate - Silverin Silver


  1. Thank you PhilDMorris!
  2. My mom called them "Wally dugs" – google this. (We are Scots.) They are lovely!
  3. Thank you Celiene, I agree with you on all counts. It's in my hall which doesn't have a light to 'hide under it', but it looks like it belongs there & I like it too. Thanks for commenting.
  4. Lol – Thanks all! Love them still.
  5. Thank you NevadaBlades. Nice just hanging in my hall as it is but wonder from time-to-time about "where it's been". ;)
  6. (done!) :)
  7. I have a pair of the oblong leaves. I also love them. There is in fact a mark under your felt. I don't recognise it but can take a photo and email it to you if you'd like to leave your felt in place...
  8. Good to know – thank you shrine!
  9. See more


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