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Madison Ohio

I shop mainly at thrift stores. I rarely pay over 5 dollars for any item, but have fallen in love with all blown glass.


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  1. Thank you renedijkstra ,but for some reason there is no number on this one , it is blocked out.
  2. Sorry, It’s a w c fields movie reel. The name of the movie is Hurry Hurry.
  3. Omg you are right! I’ve been trying to figure that out for a year. John Shedd. Thank you so much.
  4. I have this! Just posted on this sight but mine doesn’t have as much color.
  5. Thanks Broochman, it was fun.
  6. Thank you Vetrai050 for sharing your knowledge. I find it very interesting, I love this ,I’ve learned so much from all of you. ThAnk You.
  7. Thank you both, it’s very interesting.
  8. Try looking at Candlewick Imperial Glass.
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Loetz Olympia Glatt pale green glass vase


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