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Bristol, PA

I can't help but collect and hold on to any and everything that is a little bit different. Or if something has even an inkling that it was, or can be, beautiful, I wI can't help but collect and hold on to any and everything that is a little bit different. Or if something has even an inkling that it was, or can be, beautiful, I will pull over, dig through mountains of moldy smelling boxes of everything in a damp basement, beg, cry, or steal (just kidding-only from my moms house. And that's not really stealing. She's glad to get rid of stuff for some reason) anything that catches my eye. Weather it's unique or beautiful or just plain sturdy. Starting to run out of room here... Gonna need a bigger house... Or a store front. Maybe if I know somethings going to someone that'll love it like I do, maybe then I could let go... Maybe. (Read more)


Anyone have any idea what this lamp would be called? Beautiful blue metal lamp.  - Lampsin Lamps
Pretty aqua blue vase! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Love this beautiful green glass! - Glasswarein Glassware
Never saw a lamp like this - Lampsin Lamps
Very unique lamp i recently found. (And love!) - Lampsin Lamps


  1. Omg! I have a similar one too! Hmm... if u don't mind me asking, how much were they asking(/did u pay?) for them? very curious. I've only ever seen one that someone was selling. And I've been looking!
  2. I was just looking up this lamp again and noticed some one else posted the same ones... going to try to get the link...
  3. But here's what some one left for me... http://m.ebay.com/itm/121790369899?_mwBanner=1
  4. Oh. I just noticed this is 4 and 6 years ago. :/
  5. I have the same one!! 5 shades. I'm too scared to look underneath. Bohemia glass shades. That's all I have too. But yup brass and marble. Pretty sure I posted it on here too...
  6. Nobody at all has ever seen a lamp like this?? Darn it. I don't even know what to call it...
  7. It does! (Light up). And it is! (Pretty lit). There's 3 settings. Full-all5 lit. Med- 3 lit. And super ambiant-1 bulb lit. They're the small nite lite (whatever the word is... Candelabra maybe?) bulbs...
  8. I have a lamp that has these bowls! But they're not bowls. They're lamp globes (that what they're called? Gloves? Shades?) posted it too, trying to get info! And there was only like 2 other ones that ...
  9. *doesn't (oops forgot to proofread ????)
  10. Fascinating! Thank u for all this info! It's so cool thinking about the past like that. Before all this technology and electronics. How simple really. Simpler. Kinda sad. For our kids. It's all my 13 ...
  11. Looking like it's probably Viking. Thanks a lot for ur help. Wonder, if I wanted to sell it, eBay? U think?
  12. Darn. Not yet. Not a match. U were right though. Sure does look to be one of those two. Still looking.
  13. Thanks! Checking it out now!
  14. That's the thing, they're not sideways on my phone. I guess I'll try making them sideways then uploading. My pc is... Let's just say, not an option, at the moment. Lkl
  15. I don't know why my pictures keep coming out sideways. Gotta figure that out. I'm new here ????????????
  16. Anyone? I love this thing , just what kind of lamp is it? I don't know what to call it. Like a full sized night light. ???? I know ur thing, "amateur". Well, I am. Please help.
  17. I have one thing (an ashtray I think) that's very similar! Love the color too! That's what drew me to mine! I'll post a pic!
  18. Thank you so much antiqurose! "Stunning" I thought so too. But I'm an amateur. I just think it looks cool. Lol. To hear it from experts... (Or even regular people that have way more experience with th...
  19. Wow! Yup. There they are! Thanks racer4! They are my favorite part of the lamp, those globes! (I did fail to mention that the one in the back is actually broken. Looks like something hit it and knocke...
  20. Oh wait... There's a sticker on one of the shades... "Boremia crystal"(?) does that help?
  21. Wow. Thanks for the detailed info Bobby rohr. :)
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