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  1. These phones were imported to the UK and Australia. Lot of information https://www.britishtelephones.com/t055.htm Also A.T. &t. Co's Specifications 4159 January, 1922 I have one and it works g...
  2. The 13K and the 15K were virtually the same, except for 2 tubes. You can find the schematics on line. Or if you are aware of Riders Schematics, you can find them there.
  3. Would you like a better "exposure" of this photo? I can do a contrast and tone adjustment digitally so you can see it better, and send it to you. Peter
  4. What does the inside look like? Any wiring diagram inside of the door? Can you post a photo of the inside?
  5. I was installing these back in 1976. 40 years can make a difference. These were always great phones and were well made by Western Electric !
  6. It looks like you have a Kellogg mouth piece on your phone.
  7. That is a neat meter for testing dry cell batteries for old oak wall phones. What I don't know is, what is the wind up on top for???
  8. Hi, I have a plain front 317-P just like yours, and also another with the picture frame front. Nice telephone. I added a flashlight battery holders (2 "C" cells) and hooked them up with my candlesti...
  9. I have noticed recently, that so much of the left over phone parts have been drying up. How about that Canadian antique phone parts on line shop, do they have it ?
  10. That's a nice old Chicago phone. Phoneco (www.phoneco.com/) should have the receiver cap.
  11. I know little about these. Do they really use a string between phones, like the old tin cans and string?
  12. Yah, that makes me an 109 year old guy, but life is good. If you wouldn't mind, post the wiring diagram from inside the door.
  13. I just found a Western Electric Candlestick on eBay with the same dial "plug." Guess Kellogg didn't have the sole ownership of this thing. Notice, no phone number on it either.
  14. How does it work?
  15. I have that radiator shell on my 1931 Chevrolet. Different radiator cap, though, mine is the Chevy Eagle. Your items look great.
  16. Looks like a Western Electric ringer box by the screw that closes the box. Is a wiring diagram noted inside, back of the door? Can't see the phone, but if it is Western Wectric is could be noted on ...
  17. I have a Kellogg that looks similar, except for the lightning protector at the top. I have the round black one and three connecting screws. Otherwise, looks like mine. Yours looks great.
  18. Issue 3 and issue 4 are the same, except issue 4 does not have the text information at the bottom.
  19. Hi Pops52. Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, they only have the one diagram which is different than the one I am looking for. But I did enjoy their site. Zeter
  20. That's a great looking piece.
  21. Thanks to Chevy 59's post from 4 years ago.
  22. This is a “Dispatchers” phone. Often used inside Railroad signal towers for the tower operator to communicate with train crews via small wooden phone boxes located at the beginning of each signal blo...
  23. It was good to find you and the related information. I recently picked up one but had no idea as to where it came from, etc. As a matter of fact, I put a "mystery" photo on this site and just found ...
  24. Phoneco has all kinds of parts for these phones.
  25. It is a ringer box. Back in the days of early telephones, most phones, like candlesticks, had separate ringer boxes for the phones, different than today's phones that have the ringer bells inside the...
  26. I have several WE Candlesticks and ringer boxes to go with them, and hooked them all through the house for intercoms. Yours looks great!
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