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  1. I can tell you the value because I have the same one. I had mine appraised. Mine has some condition issues too because I found it in a rafter in our cottage. It was in a plastic bag. It was valued...
  2. I think this is a third phase chief blanket from around 1900-1920. I also have one and that is what I was told.
  3. I just researched that the Salish did use over one under one weaving plus two over one under. Still no idea where this is from. I imagine it is made from goat fur. Will have to take it to an expert.
  4. I think this weaving is over one under one. Did the Salish use this technique sometimes? I am not a weaver. I just love old textiles. I do think this is an old trade blanket of some kind. Not sur...
  5. Thank you Malkey. I love it too. I just wish it was signed so I know where it was made. Maybe someone will know!
  6. Thanks Inky!
  7. No I did not. I think it is a Chinese vase that is pretty new.
  8. I have the same one. Maybe with just a bit of difference. I guess these might have been mass produced. I cannot add a photo so I will post it as a new item.
  9. Thanks Efesgirl, shareurpassion and Canberraman. Sorry it took me time to get back but the flu hit me. I think they are both real paintings. It would be nice to find a fortune in the garbage but I ...
  10. I found out these chairs are from Bali. Thanks for all the loves.
  11. I found out these chairs are from Bali.
  12. Thanks racer4four. You are right. I was told it is Japanese Kinkozan Showa period and done by one of Japan's best potters but he did not give me the name....Darn.
  13. Wow these are beautifully done! What kind of wood I wonder?
  14. I forgot to thank you CanyonRoad. Thank you!!
  15. Thanks Canyon Road. I love baskets but never know where they come from. Your help is much appreciated.
  16. Thanks for the love blunderbuss2. No clue what I will do with this. It is so large. Still don't know what this is.
  17. Love this! Thanks.
  18. The legs freak me out too. That is why it has been in my basement. Done on purpose I wonder? Kind of cartoonish.
  19. ho2cultcha, I love the colours in yours. Beautiful!
  20. Thanks so much mp.kunst. I really appreciate your information. It is so great to have the help. I am amazed this is a print. It is really well done. I love it.
  21. I love it too!!
  22. Interesting piece! Kind of looks like a helmut
  23. I found one too that is black and white. I will add pictures in Show and Tell.
  24. Thanks for all the loves. For now it is hanging in my dining room.
  25. I guess it could be plaster. Maybe just made to look old. Thanks for responding.
  26. Thanks for all the love!! I really enjoy this site and all the help.
  27. PhilDMorris, there is not a name that I can see. Thanks for helping.
  28. Love love ?? ?? this!
  29. A beautiful piece!
  30. Thanks ho2cultcha!
  31. Thanks fleafinder! Is this Japanese?
  32. Yes I found it strange too. I was told this is most likely Chinese. I was told the hair of the baby is Chinese not Japanese in style. Thanks for responding PostCardCollector.
  33. Thanks for liking it kayratango!
  34. Sorry, not sure why everything posted upside down.
  35. Those are definitely Czech glass. I call them icing decoration! Very pretty.
  36. Thanks Bananapeel! I really appreciate your info and help.
  37. Thanks Canyon Road. I really don't know anything about African masks so I thank you for your information. My Son will hang them up for interest.
  38. What a great thing to find! I have goosebumps.
  39. I had a rug guy say Persian but not 100% definite. I will have to take it off the frame.
  40. Yum! This looks Italian. Love it.
  41. Thanks Efesgirl. I am not sure I want to take the rug off. Not sure I would hang it. I bought it from a thrift store so I like to think I rescued it.
  42. Thank you for all the loves. I really appreciate it from other collectors.
  43. Thank you kyratango. I like it too. I will refinish the top.
  44. Thanks for sharing these.
  45. I just thought the shape and the carved bats seem Asian. It also has a red wax seal on the underside. Thanks for liking it blunderbuss2.
  46. Thanks shareurpasssion. I tried blues but cannot find artist. It does have a spooky element. Kind of gangsterish so close to Mexico.
  47. My daughter would love this! I live sparkle too.
  48. Very pretty
  49. Thanks for all the loves. I really appreciate it! Thanks for commenting Lee 120275.
  50. My husband thinks it could be a crab boat from Puget Sound. Who knows?
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R Lalique chevaux vase.