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  1. You have a real prize - what appears to be a Chinese cloisonne plate dating from the years of the Cultural Revolution (1966-76), when the Beijing Enamel Factory (JingFa) was instructed by Mao to conce...
  2. It appears to be a small Chinese cloisonne dish from around the 1930s. Small dishes like these were often part of a "smoking set" comprised of a canister, a matchbox cover, and a small dish such as t...
  3. It's a cloisonne dragon, what looks like one of a set of so-called "health balls," although why someone tied some sort of cord around it is a mystery. Has the enamel been chipped in one spot, showing...
  4. This is a piece with a signature seal from the Kuo cloisonne factory in Taiwan. Likely from 1970s to mid -80s.
  5. These are Chinese cloisonne beads, likely from circa the 1930s. They were popular in US and European costume jewelry designs. Your necklace is a spectacular example, in fine condition. Some other...
  6. Here's a link to Liveauctioneers with the piece similar to yours (only with a yellow background) and the label I mentioned in prior post:
  7. I have a pic of a similar box, with it's signed paper label still affixed - artist name appears to be signed "Taila," made in China. A cigarette humidor, originally lined in wood, possibly part of a ...
  8. Japanese champleve, possibly 1920s-30s.
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Large Cloisonne Bowl - Jingfa Label Black and Tan Miniature Dachshund Statue