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  1. Thanks RRP! I will continue to research and let you know if I find any info. I just wish I could get it to work!!
  2. Wow! That is too cool! :-)
  3. It seems both haunting and happy to me. Wonderful find!
  4. Where did you get this beauty?
  5. Looks like maybe it ends in resa? Try rubbing powdered sugar or cinnamon in it and see if that helps! It's really pretty!
  6. I love your horse! It is wonderful that you cherish it for its beauty as well as its history - even if we do not know the details!! It was obviously well loved. He is lucky to have found your hom...
  7. Thanks for all the loves!!! :-) Scott, do you have an idea of who would have made this box? A department store maybe? It is so detailed. The tiny nails to attach the wood accents are bent over ...
  8. Thanks Scott! I wasn't sure what to think of it. I was concerned it was 'made to look old'. And yes, the size isn't right at all! So this would have been made as a decorative box??
  9. That's a wonderful find!
  10. It is very interesting to visit a cemetery. To try to think of who they were - how their lives were.
  11. This is amazing!! Such a great piece of history! Love it!
  12. WOW!! That is beautiful!
  13. This is stunning Scott!!
  14. That is truly stunning!! I am excited to see what you find out about it!
  15. Wow! Just amazing!! I love it!
  16. sklo42 - thank you for the information - i just so love this group here! You are all so wonderful to share your knowledge! I'm having a field day here going through things! I will think about what ...
  17. Well, I think I've finally got this figured out. I found a couple of listings on ebay for bohemian overlay chandeliers. These two pieces I have both look identical in shape to the top portion of the...
  18. Thank you for posting Rose. I will never forget. And I can only hope for a change for the good - although that seems to be harder and harder to do lately. But we must always have hope. b.
  19. Smile!!! Love it!
  20. That is beautiful!!!
  21. Racer4four/Scott - not sure if you saw my response here. From what I can tell it was identified by sketches?
  22. racer4four - thank you so much for your suggestion on this!! I did some research and decided to send a request to Bitossi (Industrial Archives) to see what they thought. Guess what!? It is an Ald...
  23. That is beautiful!!
  24. Love this! So unique!!!
  25. Wonderful!
  26. Thanks for the loves and comments! :-)
  27. Scott, Is there any indication of a family name on any of them?? Thanks for posting the other ones! Barbara
  28. valentino97 - that is a great idea!
  29. Lots of info! Thank you so much. Every buyer needs to be cautious and educated. I still love the old photos for what they are - a little piece of history!
  30. Scott, I've looked around and this does look like a Bitossi / Londi design. (thanks racer4four!) - but who knows. I did send out some inquiries about it. We shall see. My hesitation is in the glaz...
  31. Thank you sklo42! Your link did help me to find the origin and type of glass this is. I so appreciate that help! I guess I'm just perplexed about its function because it does look more like the com...
  32. Such a great find!! I love looking through old photos and just trying to imagine life as it was in the photos. A great piece of history. Thank you for sharing!
  33. WOW! I love these!
  34. Hi all. I am hoping to get some ideas on this one. Do I have it upside down?? The more I look at it - I think it may be a compote as in the link sklo42 shared. I am so confused!!
  35. It is such great condition! Love it!!
  36. I seem to keep bouncing back to look again at this wonderful item of yours!! Just so interesting!! Thank you for sharing!
  37. I wish I could help...but it is beautiful!
  38. Thank you so much Mary! I am going to look into that. I so appreciate your help!
  39. Yep! That worked! What a find! I just love the tall legs on this!
  40. Hi Efesgirl - I love this!! I couldn't get the link to work....
  41. Very pretty! I love them both!
  42. He looks so elegant! Love it!
  43. Thanks so much Scott!!
  44. It's difficult to tell the size....would you mind posting dimensions?
  45. Very cool! And so wonderful to know they are part of your family history!
  46. Definitely Bohemian overlay! Now the big question is - lampshade or compote!?
  47. Thanks for the loves and comments! Racer4four - I poked around on the internet and yes, this does resemble the style of Bitossi, not sure how to authenticate but very interesting! Thanks for the inp...
  48. Awesome find! I so so love it!!! I've done the lunge and grab with nobody around as well!!! Its habit I guess!!
  49. Thanks all so much for the comments!! And thanks, sklo42 for the link......sure does look alot like my piece!! This gives me a whole different avenue to look into. Celiene - I think pink crystals ...
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Time Magazine - September 11, 2001 ( Collectible Edition 9/11 )