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Footwear Designer that lives in portland,ME with my wonderful girlfriend. I go Antiqueing often and love to collect asian smalls, leather goods and wooden furniture.


  1. Thanks Sean!
  2. Dean I couldn't agree more! It blows my mind when i look at the hundreds of hours someone put into the details and creating the vases. I personally love Japanese mixed metal and often seek it out. Tha...
  3. Hi Dean, Thanks so much for you feedback and the info! Much appreciated!
  4. They're Lovely! Great find!
  5. Oh wow my grandmother had the exact same urn when I was growing up. So amazing.
  6. Thanks Printsid! I agree, I really liked it when I first saw it.
  7. I believe it to be Chinese and I believe the bottom reads "Zhong Guo Zhi Zao (China Made). I think it was made in the Mid 20th century. You can find it the mark here on :
  8. I'm going to guess it's Japanese and i would look it up on this site and i bet you can find a match for the bottom markings
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Cloisonne Vase Cast iron Boar from what country of origin? blue vase cased clear with white sommerso stripes asian princess My first Chinese vases - Blue and white Chinese Urn #1 MADE IN ITALY ASIAN MAN & LADY Wooden Dresser /Buffet ? Seek info on this "Lion Capital" "lions of Sarnath" Loetz Phänomen Genre 7501 decor Rosewater Sprinkler ca. 1898 Series I Prod. Nr. 7636


Haida Bohemian Glass Vase


posted 11 years ago