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  1. Ok, so I may have just solved my own mystery! I found the part number 1874B in International Harvester an it is a "cultivator Pressure Rod swivel" so now I guess the next mystery is from what era/year...
  2. The second item appears to be a sash pull or possible a bell rope pull for a church bell or dinner bell.
  3. Looks like a pasta cutter.
  4. Found one on ebay. It is a 1920's Fries plum pudding mold. Here is the link.
  5. This appears to be a motorized milk "churn". It would give a similar motion to shaking the jar/jug back and forth like my grandmother used to do while rocking in her rocking chair. Just a guess though.
  6. I work for a lumber/hardware store and we have an old box of the glazier points that are used in this tool. Very nice find!
  7. Looks like a flour sifter my grandmother would use when making biscuits/dough to keep it from sticking as she was kneading it. Or could be a bakers shaker for sugar/confections.
  8. I think these may have originally been poultry shears that your father-in-law used as veneer scissors. If you Google poultry shears you will see many similar items.
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