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  1. Thank you Scott. I will certainly take a look. Elaine.
  2. Thank you riaz06. I have given up on it now. LOL
  3. The makers were the Atkins Brother of Sheffield. I wrote the marks in the description but they do not relate to the year. HA EA FA are the 3 brothers initials then EPN (no s on the end) but no date? I...
  4. Hi Have you checked out http://www.sterlingflatwarefashions.com/Patterns/Gorham1.html It has a lot of patterns to check through. If it was a commissioned set it will be harder to track down. Good...
  5. I have one that is very similar. It was mine when I was a little girl in the late 60's. If I can find any info or anything on mine I will let you know.x
  6. I have found out a bit more. The Gascoyne Family also had some connection to Essex and Bedfordshire which is much closer to me. This must have been commissioned by the Family but I have come to a dead...
  7. Pun appreciated. LOL
  8. I think you may be right! Thank you.
  9. Thank you Sean.x
  10. Thank you. x I have some 1950's egg warmers I must put on that are really cool. They had some incredible ideas in the 50's. x
  11. Thank you aghcollect.x
  12. Thanks Vintagefran. I will give that a go. x
  13. Hi. it was used for fruit when I was a child. Mum always called it her fruit dish but I think bowl is the correct word. LOL. Thanks. x
  14. Thank you. I will see what else I can find out. x
  15. Thank you. x
  16. Oh, I could not get a good picture of the back but it says" stainless steel back, 900/27, Swiss Movt, Fido Dido Inc, LIC by USF Inc. Thanks again. x
  17. Thank you Kerry. If anybody can I am sure it will be you. You have an amazing collection. :) Thanks again Elaine.
  18. Hi Mike. Yours is beautiful too. I just love the one I have as the heavy oils used reflect the light when you look at it from different angles. Did you see the link I included for one on e-bay by the ...
  19. Thank you Paul71. x
  20. I think they could be Sowerby. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SOWERBY-VINTAGE-ART-DECO-GREEN-GLASS-BOWL-/161226455843
  21. Hi Vintagefran, Yes, the base is tin. Thank you for looking at it for me. I dont think I will ever discover the maker but I will keep searching. Many thanks.
  22. Yes I agree! A tad rude to all the lovely Welsh People. LOL.
  23. Here is some really interesting ifo on this camera: http://redbellows.co.uk/CameraCollection/HoughtonButcher/JBEnsign_gen.htm
  24. Shame he had to keep hiding them from my Mum. LOL. He just could not resist. x
  25. Thank you Karen. It does have a makers mark that you can only see if you turn the vase into the right light. It is a squiggle shape rather than letters. I have not been able to take a photo of it as y...
  26. Hi. I have just got a little black light but I have not had chance to check these yet. Thank you for your tip racer4four. x
  27. Thank you rniederman. I never thought about that. x
  28. Thanks Mike. x
  29. Thank you. I dont know why I did not think of that. I may even give it a go. Thanks for your help :)
  30. Thank Jim! x
  31. http://www.ebay.com/bhp/soapstone-vase has some similar ones. x
  32. Hi racer4four. I believe these ornaments are made of red soapstone? I have 2 that are very similar. They are very beautiful. xx
  33. Thank you for helping TallCakes. Much appreciated. x
  34. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Victorian-English-Bristol-Hand-Enamel-Painted-Glass-Vase-Pair-/111269828451?pt=Antiques_Decorative_Arts&hash=item19e832d763 This link shows a very similar pair. I also have ...
  35. Thanks. I will try searching that. Thank you.
  36. Yes mikelv85. I checked for the crystal saound and I think you are spot on. Thank you. x
  37. I think I may have solved it! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-banded-Brown-Betty-Homefront-Utility-Tea-Pot-1940s-1950s-Cream-and-Gre-/221375336696 It must be the same make as this one as it has ...
  38. Thank you ringfan. I just remember it being used then. It is still like new today. Things were made to last. x
  39. I have just read the maker on the little square watch and it says "Ferma". x
  40. LOL. If only. x
  41. Thank you.
  42. Wishing you all the best and hope you and your girls manage to find somewhere safe and secure. xxx
  43. You know, it crossed my mind it may be for perfume or fragrance. HOWEVER, I cannot get anything to twist and I have just stuck a pin in one of the holes and it appears to be metal behind the holes! Th...
  44. I think it has the Wow factor! It is lovely.x
  45. Beautiful.x
  46. They are valuable to me whatever. Thank you for your comment. x
  47. They are beautiful. x
  48. Thank you. I will keep a look out for frosty bottoms! Some of the other paperweights I have are the same underneath, x
  49. Thanks antiqueose, I will look that up tonight. x
  50. Thank you aghcollect! That is really interesting. I will never part with it. x
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