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Bohemian Glass Collector Flooded Under 4" of Water :0

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    Posted 9 years ago

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    This was one of the worst days of my life! The morning of the 3r of approx. 4:45 am I woke up to 4 inches of gushing water from a broken water line from behind the toilet. The landlord placed a brand new toilet but left the original piping to the toilet. The water was gushing about a gallon every 20 seconds. I lost almost everything that was on the floor and more. Except jewelry and my precious vases were safe! Also the surge protectors were completely underwater and smoking! I would have not been around to post this viasco....if they had given way :0
    BTW the first picture is where the surge protector was that had 5 plugs into the wall. And it was smoking and you can see the rust of where it was laying. All the pictures are when the water level was only 3 inches...after I was scraping the water out of the apt. The Persian rug you see is totally demolished .....that was my pride and joy :(
    update...the girls and I are at a motel while the landlord makes up his mind to fix the place....... :((


    1. aghcollect aghcollect, 9 years ago
      They don't have a "Hate It" button on here. - My first call would be to an attorney, and your new surge protectors should be GFI equipped (ground fault interrupter), turns of the power immediately. You could have been electrocuted just stepping on the wet floor. - Your landlord sounds like an amateur handyman.
    2. LOUMANAL LOUMANAL, 9 years ago
      I understood before Christmas that you were moving. Did this happen in your new locale or were you still in the old ?? Not much of a welcoming party if it happened in your new one. I feel for you Lee!! BOB
    3. Moonstonelover21 Moonstonelover21, 9 years ago
      aghcollect, the landlord owns many, many, many apts and has handymen who does no more or less than he tells them to do. I could have gotten electrocuted and that is the scariest part. I was standing in 4 inches of water!
    4. scottvez scottvez, 9 years ago
      Glad that everyone is SAFE-- no injuries!

      Don't write the rug off. Most of them stand up pretty well to abuse.

    5. aghcollect aghcollect, 9 years ago
      And now you have to worry about mold spores growing thru-out all the carpet and wood that got wet. - It's ATTORNEY time.
    6. Moonstonelover21 Moonstonelover21, 9 years ago
      agh, you now wont believe what I found out...that the new apt has black mold prior to us moving. And the kids and I have been sick for months and months. The mold is growing in Aleen's room in her closet. She suffered through asthma(emergency inhalers) and my daughter(Bella 6) and I have been going through nasal infections and coughing.....
    7. scottvez scottvez, 9 years ago
      Sounds like the water issue was a blessing-- getting you out of the place.

      Relocating is never fun. Best of wishes.

    8. aghcollect aghcollect, 9 years ago
      Hmmm - I would definitely get an attorney and force that landlord to find you a better apt in one of his many, many, many buildings. - I don't know what you call them where you are, but they were called SLUMLORDS in New York. - Not only could you have been electrocuted, but just imagine if one of your daughters had wandered out there before you. Some things you just can't put a price on, and children are one of those things. - By the way, why hasn't MJ Jr. posted anything lately? - I miss her enthusiastic collector abilities. She is an asset to the CW site.
    9. vetraio50 vetraio50, 9 years ago
      Read "empathy" rather than "love"!

      Feel for You!
      Positive thoughts from Down Under!
    10. mikelv85 mikelv85, 9 years ago
      So sorrow to see this Moon. A "love" to you and yours and the fact that everyone is OK. I agree with everyone else. Time to get some legal intervention ! -Mike-
    11. toracat toracat, 9 years ago
      Take care of the girls, dry your tears I say, and move forward in life.
    12. toracat toracat, 9 years ago
      Simon said you have cute toes!! and you are strong woman and will handle this!
    13. AmberRose AmberRose, 9 years ago
      Yep that doesn't sound like fun. Was there last spring. Make the landlord pay for everything! Watch carefully the legs of your furniture and all the bedding.
      Pictures pictures pictures! Document it all! Remember the landlord has insurance
      Keep us updated.
    14. kerry10456 kerry10456, 9 years ago
      Agree with all above, document every thing and sorry to hear, good luck :-(
    15. Aimathena Aimathena, 9 years ago
      Hi Lee, I feel so sorry for you, and the girls. I know exactly what you went thru during the flood. It's happened to us a few times, two different locations. This last time was bad enough that we lost thousands in personal property, not to mention the damages to our home, as well as it costing several thousand for the mold specialist... we are still dealing with the aftermath of it. Living out of storage containers was no fun either. Please take the advice of Agh, and Mike and seek legal representation. It sounds like you're going to need it, in order to get your items replaced, not to mention the health issues. If the landlord doesn't hire a professional company trained to rid mold, it will continue to be an issue. Unfortunately, my son and I know all to well the ill effects caused by mold. Numerous doctor and ER visits due to major allergies, and continuous sinus issues. It's not worth trying to stay there. I wish we lived closer, you wouldn't be in a motel, you would be staying with us! My very best wishes to you and your girls. xoxo
    16. DrFluffy DrFluffy, 9 years ago
      Aaa... Moon... This is sooo terrible. I am very sorry you are going thru this. I am glad you and the girls are safe, and I hope it gets resolved very soon... Hang in there my friend...
    17. freiheit freiheit, 9 years ago
      My thoughts are with you and your family!
    18. walksoftly walksoftly, 9 years ago
      It appears your landlord is taking shortcuts using unlicensed tradesman to do repairs. You should do as others mentioned & seek legal council. You should also contact your city building inspectors office & see if permits have been pulled for any major work & in some jurisdictions they also inspect rentals property to be sure that they are safe for incoming tenants.
      All the best to you & the girls & remember you have the whole CW community to support you.
    19. Gracay2004 Gracay2004, 9 years ago
      What a terrible thing to happen, glad no-one was hurt. Hopefully your landlord will do the decent thing and sort everything out quickly and to your satisfaction. As the others say, take lots of photos and make sure all agreements etc are put in writing. Remember, when dealing with fellow human beings, hope for the best but prepare for the worst! Best wishes William.
    20. vanskyock24 vanskyock24, 9 years ago
      I would also be going to doctor and tell them you guys been exposed to mold spores for quite sometime that mold is very dangerous. good luck moon
    21. Manikin Manikin, 9 years ago
      So sorry to hear this moon :-( was there a water shut off valve by piping to tiolet that is required in my state and most. I have a rental house and I have to pull permits to change anything with plumbing ,electric ,even replacing a faucet !
      I feel terrible that it has happened and IF landlord knew of previous mold problem , you have a case . Good luck and take care xoxo
    22. GlueChip GlueChip, 9 years ago
      Your landlord has to have insurance and hopefully your have renters insurance as well. What his policy doesn't cover you can request on yours but he, as landlord is required to carry insurance on the place. You probably need an attorney just to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. getting paid minimal on what you have worked hard to get doesn't take away the heart ache but it helps. Most important is that you and your family are OK and caught it before something electric did shortout, spark and possibly cause a fire. Thoughts and prayers with you and your girls.
    23. toolate2 toolate2, 9 years ago
      Moon, if there is black mold get the EPA involved. They'll shut him down. My father had a black mold problem that stemmed from an improperly installed a/c unit. They made them tear out all the floors and walls and replace them. Same scenario as yours. They were having all kinds of respiratory issues before the mold was even found. You don't mess around with that stuff...
    24. Aimathena Aimathena, 9 years ago
      Toolate, they did that to my basement. They took out all the flooring, and some of the walls. They sprayed chemicals, then put several huge heat fans. Not sure what they're called. They kept coming back for days to monitor/measure...
    25. austrohungaro austrohungaro, 9 years ago
      Such an awful thing to happen. I am glad you all are safe!!!

      Lots of love!
    26. walksoftly walksoftly, 9 years ago
      Things you may already know.
      Make sure your landlord deals with this through his insurance company & that they hire a insurance approved water & flood damage restoration company. They should be certified & insured & should provide services such as removal, cleaning, restoration & storage of your contents. Removal of water damaged flooring & structure, mold remediation, & drying/dehumidifying of the apartment.
    27. geo26e geo26e, 9 years ago
      Truely sorry to hear that... :-(
    28. antiques-in-nj antiques-in-nj, 9 years ago
      Wow :( so sorry to hear. Water can be such a nightmare
    29. Moonstonelover21 Moonstonelover21, 9 years ago
      Scottvez, many thanks on your kind words!!!
    30. Dan121156 Dan121156, 9 years ago
      Sorry for any losses.... Hope that you and your treasures recover well..
    31. Moonstonelover21 Moonstonelover21, 9 years ago
      Bob, many thanks...the move went landlord is not paying hotel bill as of last night. Not good.....I am hoping for better. As he threatened me not to come around the apt and not talk to workers...or eviction!
    32. Manikin Manikin, 9 years ago
      He can not evict you for that . Sounds like a jerk to me . Do they legal assisants in your area that are free ?
    33. inky inky, 9 years ago
      Really sorry to read all this Moonstonelover21...stay strong, after reading some of your posts in the past I know!!!.. you can be.. I know you will get through this and I am sure your horrid landlord will see he he can't put one of you!...hang in there!....thinking of you!..:-)
    34. trunkman trunkman, 9 years ago
      Wish you the best in getting through all this...
    35. lundy lundy, 9 years ago
      my god im so sorry
    36. sarahoff sarahoff, 9 years ago
      Oh hon, I'm so sorry, what an awful thing to wake up to:(
    37. Phatbuddha Phatbuddha, 9 years ago
      That is such a shame, i hope your landlord and his Insurance company is sorting it all out for you. I feel for you.
    38. elainekay42 elainekay42, 9 years ago
      Wishing you all the best and hope you and your girls manage to find somewhere safe and secure. xxx
    39. TINHOUSE TINHOUSE, 9 years ago
      what a shame!! but water wont hurt a persian rug!.. i have a friend who deals in them and they jet wash the less fragile ones.. dont give up on it will you!!! hope you got it all sorted now though. all the best.
    40. TINHOUSE TINHOUSE, 9 years ago
    41. DrFluffy DrFluffy, 9 years ago
      Moon... Any progress... I think about you a lot... Hope all is well...
    42. antiquerose antiquerose, 8 years ago
      I do not *love what happened to you....Man O Man....Did it you get everything resolved and fix?

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