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I live in western AR.in the US.I'm not a collector of any specific genre.I have accumulated some interesting items in my travels and I'd like to share them.I live in western AR.in the US.I'm not a collector of any specific genre.I have accumulated some interesting items in my travels and I'd like to share them. (Read more)


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Family trombone from 1911 - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
Rough hewn wooden bowls - Kitchenin Kitchen
A McCoy bowl I treasure.It belonged to my grandmother - Potteryin Pottery
Nautilus fossil found outside of Fort Worth Tx.In the 50's - Animalsin Animals
Folk art figurine,13' tall made of hardwood. - Folk Artin Folk Art
Photo of my Grandfather - Photographsin Photographs
Nice amber colored personal ashtray. - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Brass with inlay plate. - Asianin Asian
Recycled wood bird feeder 
A glamour shot of my mother. - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Thanks,McCoyNelson!
  2. Thank you PhilDMorris!!
  3. Thank you very much,aura.Very kind of you.
  4. Wong,I believe it is a "one of a kind" table.Iv'e never found another like it.
  5. inky,I wish the same to you! A fantastic 2016 all around! :).
  6. Thank you,inky.It sits on a shelf in my main room.
  7. inky,it is a strange one for sure.
  8. shareurpassion,Thank you and I think it is "Chinese checkers"?
  9. Thanks PostCardCollector,very nice of you.
  10. JoeyC,Please do.I am super curious about it.I think it sits under a flower pot to catch water.
  11. Cool,Post.I'm not sure of the make.
  12. Yep,we had the lighter,also.
  13. Thank you,TallCakes.I appreciate it.
  14. You are correct.I looked it up afterwards and saw that,kyratango.
  15. Fort,I think you are right.It plays,not very well.I want to hang it on a wall as art when I get it cleaned a bit.
  16. Thanks,inky!
  17. Thank you racer4four.She was a remarkable woman..
  18. Thanks inky! It is an interesting looking lighter.$35 is not too bad a price,I'm guessing. Thanks for thinking of me. :)
  19. Thank you SEAN68.She was as beautiful inside,also.
  20. Thank you,CindB.I will get a better pic of the lighter.
  21. You are welcome,fhrjr2. :)
  22. blunderbuss2,it seems to be some kind of enamel and pretty durable.inky,that is a good idea,I'll look for one.
  23. These display tins are perfect,but Zippo does not sell them anymore.I am always on the lookout for more of them.
  24. Thanks,inky.I'll get a better picture of all of them.
  25. As of yet,I haven't used it.Not sure if I'm going to.I'd hate to scratch it.
  26. I am not sure that many people know that Zippo will put any picture you own on a lighter.And,at a very reasonable price.
  27. Same here,inky. :)
  28. Thanks,inky.She was,inside and out.
  29. Peasejean55,thanks for helping. :)
  30. Black and scored for a better grip.
  31. Peasejean55,the handle is bakelite type material.
  32. rniederman,good to know,Thanks.
  33. There is a shop in India where they manufacture beautiful inlay tables like this one.I am in contact with their representative and will post his reply.
  34. Back in the early 1970's rings of this design were popular with counter-culture folks.
  35. A very nice piece.
  36. See more


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