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I'm one of those guys that seems to have a little bit of everything hidden away "somewhere". Oh look! Shiny!!!!!!!!! ;)


  1. It's for arranging flowers, a floral frog. Stems in the holes, water in the dish.
  2. That I couldn't tell you. But I could kinda see a market there...hmm?, but there are not many of these left in an operational condition, and it would be alot of work to make that in granite for the h...
  3. The grooves on the wheel made me think grist wheel. Here is a link that show one of these grain grinding mills that has 16" wheels.
  4. Thanks for the loves scott and crabbykins.
  5. Thanks officialfuel for the love. And thank you pw-collector for the info.
  6. Adjust both of those arms like it is holding a baby, tighten the screws, push back against the wall there, place your game controllers in the arms, and Voila! you now have the coolest video game contr...
  7. Thanks Chrisnp, I like the engraving idea. Taking it to the trophy shop in the morning while I have it out. I tip my mug in the air to you.
  8. Thanks mustangtony, pops52, and Poop.
  9. Thanks mustangtony and Poop.
  10. I love that piece of shrapnel in picture 3. Imagine that 6 inch piece flying through the air at you...(((shivers))).
  11. Thanks Mustangtony and AR8Jason.
  12. Thanks AR8Jason. I was going through the site and saw yours which prompted me to dig this out. The name rang a bell.
  13. Thank You for the "loves" mrmajestic and Mustangtony. I think mom would be tickled with it now.
  14. Thank You all for the "Loves". Your all Great!
  15. It just astonishes me the finds you make at work. Envious The number of items you have saved from destruction, just makes the mind wonder what is buried there that was missed. Happy Hunt...
  16. Possibly might be William Barclay Parsons, considering the provenance of being owned by a Senator, it's a good place to start. This link has some info on him.
  17. You will laugh when you read this, and probably think I am crazy, but this is a solar cigarette lighter. I have one but it doesnt fold in half. The pointed part is identical and what gave it away. ...
  18. Thank you, everyone, the loves. @ filmnet, the pendant is a piece of ivory with bone beads. I picked it up at a yardsale in Wa. state. I'll do a post for that.
  19. It's stamped "copy" on the coin right above the 14kt mark on the bezel.
  20. Sorry I can't put a year on it. To be honest I overlooked the key when I first posted my response. lol It's hard with pictures sometimes.
  21. I have a little rule when it comes to anything silver or silver looking, and that is to search for hallmarks. Most of the time I wear my disgust on my face when I put an item back The pa...
  22. I see a walking lion there in the fretwork on picture #2. Might be sterling.
  23. I remember going to a woolworths type drugstore in my hometown in Ohio. I was aloud to pick 1 thing out off a certain rack so I got one of these and played with it in the bathtub. Tended to sink ev...
  24. Thanks Bellin68 and Blunderbuss2.
  25. I don't believe this is one of his pieces, but I think it is a recast, possibly done by his grandaughters. I have posted mine for you to use as reference. This is a cast piece and NOT repoussee. If...
  26. Thanks blunderbuss2 I put the file in the pic to show exactly what the tomahawk head was made of. This particular file in the pic was handed down from a farmer family member.
  27. Wilson Begay, Navajo
  28. The blue and red red symbol in the center is Korean. I saw all kinds of gifts and furniture exactly like this when I was stationed there in the early 80's. It's a very nice box.
  29. LOL... yeah I guess I set myself up for that one.
  30. I have always wanted 1 of these but I want to alter it to say Don't Walk and Run...the Walk never stays lit long enough to cross. One day maybe.
  31. I'd say Bofors 40mm anti-aircraft. The size jives, but that projectile is odd looking. Possibly it was machined later to give it a finished look for display. It's almost impossible, sometimes, to i...
  32. I would take this one to be checked out by a couple coin dealers.
  33. I have a ring fashioned from 1 of their forks that I made. I wear it everyday.
  34. Roger Wallace and Sons Wallingford CT 1871 to present Now called Wallace Silversmiths.
  35. Thanks inky, I just cant stand to see items like this, whether incomplete, broken, or unidentified, to go to the dump. Especially as old as this. This was in my motherinlaws stuff when she moved in ...
  36. Thanks ttomtucker miKKoChristmas11
  37. Chrisnp Thank You. You nailed it on the head. I had also contacted a retired Col. who runs and has been a militaria show promoter for nearly 50 years and he said the same ...
  38. Thank You miKKoChristmas11.
  39. Thank you mrmajestic1 and miKKoChristmas11. @ miKKo. I believe they are as well and have tried to look up a number of nations to no avail. There are markings inside the 1 but rust blocks the view of...
  40. The easiest way to find out is get a lead paint check kit from Home depot. It has an ampule that you break to release the test fluid inside a swab type thing. If it turns pink it's lead or contains ...
  41. Thanks mustangtony.
  42. Thanks mustangtony and mrmajestic1.
  43. The company was owned by George Carol. It was located in the Seneca building which is now 4 buildings into 1. They first occupied it in 1937. The company started in 1930 and were located elsewhere ...
  44. Kollector the overall length of this without the lifting ball is 29 1/2", down approximately 19 1/2" there is a blockage. I tapped the thing all the way down and it has a hollow sound past the blocka...
  45. Thanks fhrjr2 and blunderbuss2. In those ever immortal words..."You can have when you pry it from my cold dead hands", LOL.
  46. Lucky You. This is Gorgeous.
  47. The Large fish is outstanding! Whoever did the preservation on it was good...or lucky, LOL.
  48. Thanks AR8Jason!
  49. Thanks mikielikesigns2 and mrmajestic1!
  50. Thanks for the love Manikin and jimborasco!
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