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  1. draw knive for smothing inside of wooden keg wine kask or beer barrel
  2. looks like (typo)
  3. the double edge one look slike a cheap boot knife i bought a few years ago for €4.00 there should be a leather case with it with a steel clip for catching it on leg of boot
  4. yep sharping steel usually in a set with carving knife and fork
  5. maybe home made tile grout remove for removing old grout from between wall tiles
  6. are there any holes in the tops of the 4 knobs
  7. i just fixed a old cast iron scales your piece looks like the center point that u find on some scales here a link to pic so you know what i mean https://img1.etsystatic.com/000/0/5274205/il_570xN.3...
  8. yep u get people finding dried cow dung and they think its antique clay pigeons lol
  9. could be looks like it work for that but then again not to bothered if person who post these thing wont give any answers to question already asked
  10. sorry only put up link for pic here is other link unfortunaly the piece has been sold and no further info on it at moment click on link and scroll down and yo will find your tool https://www.google.i...
  11. it a snap fastener/rivet/stud tool the link below will show you a pic of the same tool cant find any more info about it at moment http://thumbs1.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/mCNBCrjIWKGWWJ6lPN5AdFg.jpg
  12. bet me to it, well done know, as glaziers point driver
  13. the image reminds me of those of celtic green man god
  14. this might be the obvious thing to do google it
  15. meat chopper/tenderizer
  16. most of these long keys were off rim surface door locks the ones before the introduction of the modern mortise locks that are rebated in to a door the reason they were so long was if it was on a stron...
  17. Knights Templar /Masonic belt buckle
  18. could be a lace making bobbin try google it and have a look at different desings
  19. also could u give some idea of size and scale of the item
  20. when you say crank the handle do u mean rotate it or move it up and down in sliding action
  21. hi just throwing a theory i have about it, the 2 pegs at the back to keep the item level makes me think that something liquid was put into it and had to be level to avoid spillages that led me to thin...
  22. looks like tubeamp got it welldone
  23. i have seen pics of clock and watch mainspring winders on the net some look similar but not the same design as your
  24. jfdiow did your father work at any paticular trade might help us with search for info
  25. the mecacanism looks like some kind of lock device
  26. its a Gothic hall chair popular in Europe in 17th/18th century in castles and great halls many different styles exist but all have the big bulky look https://www.google.ie/search?q=gothic+hall+cha...
  27. any luck with it yet
  28. omg the same thing happened to me awhile back i found a hair at home wonder when it fell out of my head there is a lot of hairs on my head lol bit more info would be helpful
  29. lol blunderbuss iv been looking at this since it was put up has me stumped
  30. whats the distance between the 2 large screw points
  31. lapping machine similar to what blunderbuss2 mentioned but this one i think is for final sanding and polishing of metal cogs and wheels etc http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VINTAGE-CAST-IRON-HAND-CRANK-L...
  32. not knowing the size it looks like one piece of a set of cast Andirons for fireplace
  33. could you put up better pics it might be a sharping stone
  34. its a Swedish brush hook can been seen in link below very interesting reading on the site about different types of bill/ slash hooks etc http://billhooks.co.uk/the-billhooks-of-northern-europe-fi-dk-...
  35. its a pipe reamer
  36. nice find .here is a few links showing 1 cleaned up and 1 working . lol would hate to have a big lawn to do http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spla_hCAwLo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LU2_C42XcsU
  37. its not a Mitchell 300 hard to say if its a Mitchell reel from the pic you put up only been able to see one side here a link if u think it genuinely a Mitchel happy hunting http://www.mitchellreel...
  38. if your thinking of nautical theme it might be worth looking at rope splicing fids and netting needles
  39. thank you for posting link very interesting reading
  40. the heart in the hand is a symbol for love and friendship,the crescent moon and the hare are a symbol of fertility and new beginnings this was prob made by some as keepsake or gift of affection the li...
  41. Roycroftbooksfromme1 any pics of basket and belt makers plane i searched and could not find any thanks
  42. sorry for your loss bb2 may they rest in peace
  43. just to let all know the same thing with cast iron fireplaces the original ones are a much thinner cast iron than the modern reproductions
  44. as a chef i knew straight away what it was used for , not used that much any more but it makes a big difference when cooking less fatty food like turkey crowns
  45. the search goes on at least were eliminating things that it could be when i see objects like this i try to match them to similar shaped object that i have seen before sometimes they match and are conn...
  46. be about the right height for a average man height of 54 to 60 inch tall can i ask how the head is fixed on to it thanks
  47. i not sure yet but the design of the piece i posted looks very similar to one in question it would be interesting to find out if it had hinged block of wood in same place i know the ones i put up are ...
  48. sometimes you find something when looking for something completely different and it makes you wonder could it be check out links https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTl6CYqxX4Xlw3-c...
  49. i wonder if it was a fireplough originally
  50. log dog or log spike https://www.etsy.com/listing/191627255/antique-oregon-logging-tool-log-dog-or?ref=market
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gorgeous thrift store find Odd wooden artifact. Domestic tool?? Unusual Maul SEED sampling probe 4.5 inches Early American Hewing Hatchet Head?  Looking for help