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  1. 70,s ford granada or mercury monarch (same car)
  2. Dear mlilly , I have the match to your painting . Some of the comments on my listing may be helpful to you . You can email me at jackmason@frontier.com
  3. Nelliebells real name was Jeep . I'm just sayin .
  4. Hi Chills , We had one very like this when I was a kid . Ours was made in Europe , Slovac region . I suspect yours was too despite the label and was probably imported and sold by the company which als...
  5. Hey , Just a side note , this Gentleman also was a singer and had at least one popular tune ,"Tacos for Two ". Worth hearing if you can search it up . Jack
  6. My memory keeps saying "bobbin tentioning device " I don't sew so I can't say why but the thought persists . Jack
  7. I've never seen one but I for one would like to hear the story of how you found this cool can ! Jack
  8. Bob Feller was clocked at 106 mph . It is said that Yogi Berra had a third strike called on him from Bob and turned to the ump and said "That SOUNDED high ! Jack
  9. Soupy died recently and with him an era of zaney humor . I used to end up on the floor laughing at some of his stuff . I didn't realize he was from Cleveland until now . Jack
  10. What a wonderful piece of americana , it conjures up a simpler life from a time long ago . Can you imagine your town council voting to change your towns name to" Sleepy eye" today ? Jack
  11. These are called intaglio when they are engraved and cameo when they are raised . Just thought you might like to know . Jack
  12. My wife asked me what the spike was for on top of helmet , I told her it was for when they made a charge at the enemy lines they would duck their heads and try to spear the opponent . For a while she ...
  13. Just a word of caution . The trikes(three wheelers) of 70,s were replaced by the quads (4 wheelers ) because the trikes had a nasty habit of running up your leg in panic situations causing great pain ...
  14. Dave , Hey I'm sorry for not being more clear about Josephine Miller . She is a noted painter of floral oil paintings! She is listed as a notable american artist ,again sorry for not being more clear ...
  15. I was just looking at a Prussian military helmet and the thing that sticks out to me is ....The prussian helmet is much newer (ww1 era) but appears to be much older than your civil war era hat . Jus...
  16. Dave ,So the association to artist would not have much bearing on value presuming it's true and could be proved ? By the way what are the values ? Jack
  17. My wife say's this is just typical backyard porcelin painting but something about it say's it's more . There are no marks on the bottom . I got this at an estate sale from a dear old lady (96)who sai...
  18. Brian , Good idea I will do more research , Thanks , Jack
  19. Thanks Dave for the solid info , very helpful, Jack
  20. Ok, so since no one "got" my joke I suppose I will have to explain it . 32.00 dollars is the exact face value x 64 . No I don't really want to buy any . I am aware of site policy , just a play on word...
  21. Thanks for the comments Shadrack .They also hadn't seen the likes of Jim Brown, plowing forward with two or three guys clamped on to him . I live in Seattle now and we just got a new head coach(Pete C...
  22. Sorry for the slight ,Only remarking on unusual make-up of flag , I think life-saver is a correct description also . Jack P.S. I was thinking that perhaps a troop ship might have been part of this...
  23. My daughter has mentioned a desire to have an accordian , any idea on price ,brand, condition,Any help is appreciated Jack
  24. I will give you 32.00 for 64 Kennedy half dollars . Jack
  25. Nerd chills anyone ?
  26. Cast iron decorative bushings of some sort . But old ,very old .
  27. Back when Sammy Sosa was in dutch for using a "corked "bat my wife and I were attending a street fair in Spokane Wa. There was a table piled with cubs hats ,(real regulation cubby hats )for two bucks ...
  28. Gallery 63 has a comparable item for auction right now .
  29. You could use original or reproduction emblems .(expensive)" Danchuk" would be a place to start for parts or where to find parts . You could also have decals made but unless you had a bunch made (lik...
  30. Restore it , but keep it as original as possible and resist the temptation to paint it purple with chartruse flames . Also make sure the repairs are done carefully by a pro or someone you are sure is ...
  31. Very rare , Very desirable , With the right advertising it will sell to a guy with more money than sense for a ridiculously high price . I wish it was me .
  32. I'ts real .
  33. The first picture( of the guy ) is sort of confusing , I thought at first it was some sort of girdle or truss or, Oh never mind .....
  34. I'd call it massively cool .
  35. 55 or 56 Plymouth ,
  36. That is one evil looking clown !
  37. As to the cars identity ,I would look into a possible european link , maybe German or British .
  38. Plymouth , Two doors makes it cool though,
  39. My Dad told me when I was just a kid that the upstart Browns ,(named after founder and coach Paul Brown ) were mostly scoffed at as a bunch of amatures and not a serious pro team . When a play-off was...
  40. My personal feeling is that this is a "relatively "weird painting
  41. Search" american brilliant"on google , There are sites with mfg and patterns . American brilliant was made in the late 1800s to very early 1900s. Jack
  42. I was watching the football playoffs last week and it occured to me that Micheal Vick may be the only N.F.L.quarterback who made his own plates for his Mercedes !
  43. This looks very much like a bakelite version of a mirro cookie maker . Dough in back ,plunger forces dough through holes onto bake pan , Presto! ,uniform cookies .
  44. Great card , My Dad was from the same town as" Stan the Man " and actually played semi pro basketball on the same team as he . This little mill town on the monongahela river south of Pittsburg produce...
  45. The first plane is a lockeed constellation ,also called "super connie" in stretched form. I flew in one of those in the service in 1970. It had a turret in rear with windows that gave you a panoramic ...
  46. Short story about buttons . My wife borrowed my car to take her two sisters shopping and noticed she needed gas . She handed the gas cap key to the attendant (this dates the story ! )not realizing tha...
  47. I would say a competant locksmith could get it open and supply a key for a fair price .
  48. Are mantels still available for these lamps ?
  49. Looks like an emission testor that is placed over exhaust pipe(or rather exhaust pipe is inserted into large port) and when plugged in to proper device reveals co/fuel/air mixture. This is a pure gues...
  50. I think these are fairly common .
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My Guild 1978 G-37 Signature Guitar John F. Kennedy Half Dollar


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