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Northport, Florida

In the mid 70's to the early 90's my trade name was G&G Hosfeld which stands for Gina and George Hosfeld. During those most productive years, my -then- husband and In the mid 70's to the early 90's my trade name was G&G Hosfeld which stands for Gina and George Hosfeld. During those most productive years, my -then- husband and I followed our passion for woodcarving, fraktur, and folk painting. Both of us had our hand in the design and whittling of the pine wood sculptures, but all of the painting was mine. I have long since remarried and while my ex no longer carves, I have continued to create my whimsical folk art for collectors, friends and family. Where once I whittled and oil painted for my livelihood, today I only produce about ten or so carvings and folk paintings a year. My latest work can be seen on my blog at www.junglehouse.wordpress.com In closing I'd like to say that if you are fortunate enough to own one of those early pieces, hold fast to it. I still carve to this day and love the smell of the wood, the relaxing aura of my shop and the happiness I feel with the finished piece. I will continue my passion so long as health allows. Nice chatting with you! (Read more)


  1. you're welcome! I have about 10 other people that tried it and said the same thing. It works...
  2. Thanks Aim, you have a great year of Jade Horse too! My health is improving. Was told to take coral calcium with meals for the usual bone density thing.... and guess what? haven't had acid reflux s...
  3. Best chips in the world - they are similar to Cape Cod brand. very crunchy. Nice Utz can Aim. They make great pet food canisters too!
  4. growing up I remember my girlfriend's mom had a whole set of milk glass.
  5. My ring has 10K and then another stamp- the markings are actually VP in a diamond - sort of like this <vp> ! I researched and found info on Vera Perla jewelry. haven't found any photos yet of our rin...
  6. Awesome collection! Very unique pieces. Lived a block from an old hat factory in Adamstown Pa turned antique mall. Had dozens of shops with depression glass show cases. Thought I had seen it all,...
  7. Thanks for the history, loumanal, I never thought about the hot water container? Makes sense now. My mother's neighbor gave these to me. She used the set outside in her garden. We shared tropical p...
  8. What a funny comment! love it! You are right. The pitcher is my guess- from a basin set. the smaller pieces may have been for soap, toiletries etc. I don't have a chamber pot with it. lol ... I...
  9. I like this one ... I think maybe the best so far.
  10. Okay!
  11. The season is fast approaching when I plant my annuals. This Pitcher will soon sport a cloud of coral impatiens.
  12. Thank you Aimathena.
  13. these are truly the most extraordinary pieces.
  14. wow! what a beautiful collection. some of the nicest D glass I have ever seen in one place. Nice score! 'A'
  15. Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. I love my cats and their antics and colorful markings are endless. The cat in the cage -unfortunately- happened. Made us all quite distraught, but to liv...
  16. I loved this article! I have never seen these figurines and find they have a folksy bent to them. Thank you for sharing. I enjoy the history as well as the art form.
  17. Well, let's get the hen house going and then we will see about the rest of your menagerie! lol When we moved to Fl we had 2 goldens, two cats and an iguana named marlin. I love a zoo.
  19. Good morning, No, come to think of it! they have cute faces though, good subject matter. maybe sitting on a sombrero. One of my pieces has a postman standing by a mailbox with a terrier attached ho...
  20. Awesome info! vetraio50. I will definitely look into the Lenci figures. My mom has a porcelain tiger attacking a horse that belonged to my grandmother. I am going to check out the bottom of it. I ...
  21. Holy cow! Just saw the youtube video Sean68- Thanks so much for taking the time to find it for me! Too cute and positively Retro!
  22. Sean68: Than you for posting the fish figurine, It made my day!
  23. Sean, your fish made my day! nice post!
  24. Very cheery piece of Americana. Nice find!
  25. Glad to carve them a good home! Aimathene.
  26. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Early-Treenware-Containers-/321195383104?pt=Folk_Art&hash=item4ac8bc9940 Found this and many others on ebay for you.
  27. This nice piece of Folkart is called treen-ware. It was turned on a lathe and hand painted with all those colors. A lot of treen-ware was brought over from Germany with the early settlers to America...
  28. Thanks Tom! I feel like a misplaced rock-star with all this love. lol
  29. Aimathena, You're a very kind person to say that about me and my artwork. Funny thing, I have never had a "hen n egg" long enough to call my own. Any time I have one completed, she flys right out the...
  30. Hey Phil, thanks so much for liking my stuff. That is wonderful praise coming from a collector of statuary. Michelangelo I'm not, but I guess I can carve folk art with the best of them... lol.
  31. Hey Shleee64, Thanks for the complement. Do you mean...... As in..... Florida Gators the football team?
  32. thanks, you are welcome! but I was reading the rules for posting and it said one should not be the maker of the items??? Guess I maybe have to be deceased first! :^)
  33. OMGosh! LOL when I saw this rattle! I recently got my own such trophy, but wasn't real happy about it.....We heard the -very loud- rattle sound about 10 feet from our house(SW Florida) in the palmet...
  34. Good call, Moonstonelover21! Pretty, aren't they.
  35. inky.... I wasn't much more creative than you.... my hens names were Gertrude, she was a Plymouth Rock) Henrietta, Rhode island Red) Daisy (the white one) and Hanna, all white with a red head) wish...
  36. Cool fertility statue! Possibly African and quite primitive. I think you need to change his name to "Rockina" or maybe "Roxy" No one knows for sure, but generally believed to be gifts given to n...
  37. sean68......"the one with the waggely tail!" oops, no tail on mighty dog. They will always be the year I was born. '55'. when my ex and I were also biz partners the single most topic to start a...
  38. wow, thanks sean68! guess i take them for granted. The silly grins I paint on their faces are always there keeping me happy. As a matter of fact, I don't recall ever making a mad anything. well? cl...
  39. Quite folksy. I like him.
  40. These old Decalb signs got my creativity moving. Have always loved them! This vane is particularly nice! thanks for sharing.
  41. nice piece of folk art!
  42. Thank you inky. I have also worked professionally in photography. I love that mirror image of yours.
  43. Thanks! That's a nice comment coming from a vet-raio50!
  44. Hello! my name is Gina and I am the artist of the carvings you questioned. I live in Florida near Northport on the gulf coast. I also have a page here on Collectors under folk art. Thank you for li...
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Rattle-snake rattles Can anyone shed light on a beautiful pair of spurs please? Roxy the statue


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