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Joplin, Missouri


  1. My semi-educated guess would be 1955. Most dates can be found in the numbers on bottom.
  2. The grappling hook thing might be a boat anchor? The last object look like a lid lifter and ash shaker from an old wood burning stove.
  3. Never mind... I am wrong!!
  4. Stove top lifter. Square end was used to shake the ashes loose from the old wood burning stove.
  5. I think it is a shaving soap dish but do not know maker.
  6. Used to tie old gunny sacks shut
  7. It was a Labor Union and from Kansas City... the lace I was raised!
  9. 1982 was when they went to 97.5 percent zinc instead of all copper. Hope this helps.
  10. Maybe a boat light lens?? Just my opinion.
  12. These were used as lamps in the mines. It had a wick in the spout and fuel was oil or kerosene. I have a similar one from the lead and zinc mines here in Joplin, Mo.
  13. If its worth money its worth reproducing.
  14. It is made by Parker. Here is a link
  15. Hitching iron is my thought. Carried in a wagon to tie the horses to when you stopped. Took the place of a hitching post.
  16. Personally I think these were used by store owners to retrieve items from high shelves.
  17. Mst common sinks at that time were American Standard. My guess is 6 23 30 is June 23, 1930 which was probably mfg. date and not sold till after 1934 which was probably when the pedestal was made. Just...
  18. Brotherhood of Railroad Clerks of America
  19. Looks like a urinal bed pan.
  20. I have seen similar that were used to cut sorghum cane in SW Missouri
  21. Possibly National Lock.
  22. My grandpa had one just like this. It is a hand operated drill press. Played with his all the time!
  23. Called a Saw Set.
  24. Root also made early fruit jars.
  25. Some have said these were used to sew the tops of old guuny or paper feeds sacks.
  26. Pretty sure its "The Real Thing" lol! I think the reproductions were marked Atlanta Georgia. Rare to find an original straight sided bottle with an intact label.
  27. It had a small image of him, but cant remember right or left side.
  28. This is one of 5 arms from a Merkle Light. Each hung from a central fixture. Some had 3 arms and some had 5.
  29. Made by Merkle possibly.
  30. Had one just like it but mine had FDR below the White House.
  31. Rust can be removed by soaking in vinegar. Sometimes, if you can see bubbles or waves in the glass, they can be worth some money from those restoring Civil War era homes.
  32. I have one just like it and always wondered what it was used for. Thanks!
  33. Not very old... maybe 1960's or 70's. The Cider bottle could be older and the most valuable of all.
  34. I think called a pickling crock.
  35. Wax records. My dad had similar. Used a machine to record anything on the wax record, from the radio, old records, live shows etc. I have records of my dad playing in a country music band in the early...
  36. All I can say is vintage railroad paperwork can be valueable. Older the better of course. Any dates??
  37. Maybe a tool for cleaning horse hooves?
  38. it is an orthoptic device - used to correct problems with eye coordination.
  39. My Coke book shows it from the 1930's. The hanging loop on top is only on the 1930's version.
  40. Me thinks a fire extinguisher glass bomb. I have some similar but larger.
  41. Pre WWII the swastika was an American Indian sign of good luck. Your lantern is much older than WWII.
  42. Kind of looks like the old foot peddle on my great aunts loom. She made rag rugs.
  43. If the point is very sharp, my guess is a metal scribe for etching.
  44. I have one just like it. Also have one with a scotty dog and one with a 4 leaf clover. They are very collectible since most dont work.
  45. On closer examination... I think it IS a gas light. I was looking at it wrong. In image 1... those small holes had an orifice that the flames came out. The 8 arms were for containing the top of the fl...
  46. Pipe suggests its a gas light but the arms etc have me puzzled.
  47. My dad had some. Some cowboy (and other) boots had loops at top and these were used to pull a tight boot onto the foot.
  48. I think it is much newer... the emblem is not 1940's... probably 1980's or so.
  49. Do NOT do anything except clean with soapy water. That patina is what makes it worth something!
  50. I have seen bridge signs like this. I actually have a small porcelain sign that says Weight Limit 15 tons I hung above my toilet! My guess is from an old steel trussel bridge.
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