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  1. It's a tea straw probably from India.
  2. Good Morning To You, i'd just like to share a bit of wisdom. Pretty much 90% of gold, silver and platinum jewelry is stamped with what they maker says it is. It's not always correct though. Jewelry th...
  3. Your question is?
  4. Can't really go by the clasp to determine the age. Clasps break and are replaced all the time.
  5. Don't know but it could sure use a bath in some Hydrochloric acid or muriatic acid. The acid would eat all that rust off of there.
  6. The stamps are the hallmark and or makers mark and 925 sterling. I would question them all. Did you polish it or was it like that?
  7. Pretty sure it's plated. Purity marks have been used since 1868 and if it were silver there would be a stamp.
  8. Hydrochloric acid or muriatic acid does funny things to some metals. Other metals it does wonderful things.
  9. Can you scan it for a better picture of the stamp?
  11. I would first try to determine what kind of metal it is. If it is gold it would have a stamp on it indicating the karet. Usually the stamp would be on the clasp.
  12. It a tamale pot.
  13. I always thought he was a one hit wonder. Amazing.
  15. Typically an officers badge goes with him into retirement. There are many for sale on places like Ebay. It's hard to say if they are real or not. But i wouldn't sell mine for a million dollars. (Well ...
  16. They would make a nice ring.
  17. It looks like a Ronson.
  18. The stamp would be on the inside. If it's silver it should be marked. More than likely silverplate.
  19. Not silver, it's silverplate.
  20. So this isn't really a mystery then is it? Define real. You can buy them at any uniform shop that services the police. Value is only what someone will pay you for them. Not against the law to sell but...
  22. I'm a silversmith and make things all the time that really have no meaning. Artist are weirdos.
  23. It looks pretty modern. If it was gold it would be stamped.
  24. Looks like tongs used by a blacksmith.
  25. A China reproduction. No hallmark is my first clue. Test it for silver. If it was advertised as sterling it better be stamped as such. That's called theft by deception.
  26. If it were me i'd refinish it. Clean up the brass sand and use some boiled linseed oil of the wood and replace the leather. But that's just me. I do lots of weird stuff just to keep busy.
  28. I would. They are very common and only worth about 5 bucks.
  29. It's number 148. There's one on Ebay just like it.
  30. It's made of zinc, looks like someone beat on it with something.
  31. I believe it's a Japanese 10 yen coin.
  32. It looks like a homemade knife.
  33. If there are no markings on them they are not Sterling Silver.
  34. It looks like tinned copper not silverplate.
  35. If it stays shiny it's more than likely not silver. Even fine silver will tarnish over time.
  36. The secret rust eating formula to clean any metals except aluminum, pewter or zinc. Is Muriatic Acid.
  37. I might question the Sterling part. Especially it being from Japan.
  38. Have them tested or test them yourself to find out if they are gold and what karet if they are. The silver ones can also be tested.
  39. All sterling silver jewelry pieces are handmade by someone. I make many myself. Markers mark.
  40. Trademark name
  41. It is the top part of some kind of furniture.
  42. 585 represents gold fineness. It denotes that 585 parts out of 1000 parts of the item is gold. The rest is other metals. 585 represents 14 karat gold. The higher the gold karat, the softer the gold. A...
  43. If it were gold it would be marked.
  44. Pretty sure that the NW is the makers trademark.
  45. I'm not sure how i know his but those look like the locks that are on jail cells.
  46. So what did you end up doing with it? My dog found one for me today digging in the back yard.
  47. Wow, i never knew there were so many aliens. My second wife was a alien too.
  48. Thank you
  49. I have one i have been trying to identify. I guess mine is for a different kind of tractor.
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