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  1. So did you have a question? Do you spend your entire life listing things on here? Some of us are getting real tire of the silly things you list.
  2. Gold coins are made mostly or entirely made out of gold. Nothing less than 90% to 92% gold. 22k or better.
  3. Silversmiths will always mark their work if they're proud of it. If it's sterling silver it certainly would be stamped.
  4. Looks like it's been beat with a hammer, that's all.
  6. It's from a BB.
  7. But why are you posting them on Unsolved Mysteries?
  8. What does the stamp say? These look to me like gold plated.
  10. It's a zipper handle.
  12. Is it silver plated?
  13. Tuscan Fine English Bone China Blenheim Patt No C 5817
  14. Someone screwing with a dime.
  15. I'm pretty sure you're in the wrong place.
  16. Yes he is correct, if it's not stamped Sterling It's not sterling.
  18. Circle T
  19. When you need to depress some springs you can do it several different ways, you can talk mean and nasty to the spring of you could use a tool like this that's called a spring depresser.
  20. Typically the makers mark is on the base of the blade.
  21. Typically if it's not marked it's not silver. You should have it tested.
  23. A fake would be worth about $20-30 depending on when it was made and ... A 1854 Twenty D. Kellogg should weigh between 33.3 and 33.42 grams. ... of the coin,fakes often did not use .900 gold, but 14K...
  24. They say Converse right on them.
  25. Why is this in Unsolved Mysteries?
  26. Impossible to tell from pictures.
  27. This question is why is this in the unsolved mysteries category?
  28. Looks like iron pyrite to me.
  29. 100 troy ounces would be 6.86 pounds
  30. Even though it's not marked it's got China written all over it.
  31. Why is this in a incorrect category?
  32. So, this is now a solved mystery right? Shouldn't the category be updated?
  33. I would polish it and see if you can find anything. Good luck.
  34. Maybe a sanding block?
  35. Silver wouldn't melt from a beach fire. Aluminum on the other had would. It weights too much to be aluminum though. If you did a acid test on it and it were silver it would turn red.
  36. Like what? The 1966 is silver the other one is not.
  37. A fishing weight?
  38. Nickel silver, Maillechort, German silver, Argentan, new silver, nickel brass, albata, alpacca, is a copper alloy with nickel and often zinc. The usual formulation is 60% copper, 20% nickel and 20% zi...
  39. You have a oxidizing zinc penny. Must have been on the ground.
  40. This is another type of dish but the markings are usually in the same places.
  41. I can tell you what they aren't, Sterling Silver.
  42. The name is stamped right on them?
  43. If it says Made In China, it's definitely Not Silver.
  44. I'm pretty sure you are assuming correctly saying it's silver. The puzzling part is i can't see any stamps. There should be both a sterling and a identifying number around the edges but as you say may...
  45. If you work with silver for a long time yes you can just look at it and know if it's real or not. Same thing as gold, i can look at a gold ring on your finger and tell you what Karet it is without eve...
  46. Hello, are you sure it's silver?
  48. Is this a unsolved mystery?
  49. I'll take fishing weight for $500 Alex.
  50. Is it possible that's a 900 instead? 900 would be coin silver. 950 is a pretty rare stamp.
  51. See more


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