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I am a serious collector - of everything. I have carnival glass, cookie jars, race cars, furniture, etc. Other than that, I am a wife, mother and grandmother.


  1. packrat-place Thank you for supplying the link. I'm always looking for additional info on my posts! rivererat Other than the link posted on here, the only thing I have found is about the compan...
  2. Thanks for all the ideas everyone - great advise! I'm pretty sure I listed the Pat # on the item, though as you can tell I haven't tried to clean it yet so some #s were hard to read. I am going to che...
  3. tommy1002, Thanks for the info and the link! My husband loves the coke items and my mother keeps giving him things she has kept around. That makes us pretty luck, right?! I thought she might have been...
  4. And, thanks for all the "love" from everyone!
  5. walksoftly, I have checked all over and can't find any markings! Thanks for your idea though. That's okay because I still love it. Everyone keeps sitting on it and they are breaking my heart - I still...
  6. Pickle factories were plentiful in that area (I live in a nearby community). It's a very nice bottle. What a lucky find!
  7. Thanks for sharing. They look so lifelike!
  8. This should be 80's. My daughter collected clowns and this looks similar to one she owned. Cute.
  9. I have one similar to this that I will be listing in a few days. It has all the papertags still on it and is dated 1969. Old Cabin Still Ketucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The bottom of mine is stamped...
  10. I have all the cabbage patch dolls that my daughter's had when they were little. I've added a few more to them recently & hope someday my granddaughter's really enjoy looking at all the dolls their mo...
  11. Great find. We have my now deceased brother-in-laws boot camp graduation picture from the Sea Bees. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Glad you posted these. I have recently inherited a set myself and didn't know anything about them. And I have tons of carnival glass but didn't even think they were related.
  13. Oh my! I had one of these when I was a teenager but she burned in a house fire. I thinks she was my favorite item of all times, minus my family. I have not seen another since. Thank you for sharing!
  14. I have a white one also. My kids use to like to sit on it to watch t.v. I haven't been able to find what they are worth either.
  15. I, too, have a few of these. I'm surprised that the Post Office would date stamp something like money! It may fall into the line of defacing. Good for you to have thought of it though.
  16. I live in Iowa, and we have great geodes here. You should see the ones my mom has just in her yard. Every year she looks forward to geode hunting. Great pictures.
  17. We have inherited 2 of these, one from my grandmother and one from my husband's mother. I just love them. I also have a smaller platter from my mother-in-law that might be of the same maker. I just ha...
  18. I have this in white carnival glass. I believe it is a card holder. Long ago when people visited other people's house, they left their card on a table at the door. Anyway, that is what I have gathered...
  19. Glad someone knows the values on these coins. I have recently came across several of them and am needing to place a value on them! Thanks.
  20. We have the same doll that has been passed to my daughters. I've also tried place a value on it.
  21. You and I are both lucky. I was looking through my collection a couple days ago and lo and behold, I have this card also. Not to mention many other Cal Ripkin, Jr. and Nolan Ryan (my favorites). Somed...
  22. My daughter has one like it, only in better shape. My father-in-law used it for cooking his traps during trapping season. She has placed a glass top on it & it's on display in her entry room.
  23. I had a couple of these ballerina pictures in my room growing up. They were not paint by number. One of them was like your picture. Sorry, no help other than than info.
  24. Some of the earliest books did not have copyright dates. I learned this working in a library. Hope you can find something out.
  25. I'd like to know about this also. I have a bracelet like yours and also a rhinestone necklace that is in great shape.
  26. I am a huge Nolan Ryan fan. You are sooo lucky. I have never seen one of these, nor have I looked for one since I didn't know of their existance. Treasure it.
  27. I have a bottle just like this. In my research I found it should be date about 1920, though I'm still lokking for more info. I also believe it to be machine manufactured. It is indeed a medicine bottl...
  28. I have read about the barefoot collection. They are just beautiful. We were never lucky enough to purchase one for our collection.
  29. Thanks for sharing! You have nice pieces here. I have been collecting carnival glass for longer than I can remember. I sell, then start again.
  30. Great bowls. I mainly collect white carnival glass and it is hard to find. I also own one of the bowls you have pictured. I am thinking of selling my collection so will keep watching your info. Thanks!
  31. Nice bowl, though a common color for that particular item.
  32. Looks similar to the one I have that isn't Tiffany. Usually Tiffany lamps are signed on the base in very small writing.
  33. I have many pieces of carnival glass. I even have a piece that has one pattern inside and another outside. I see you have found the makers of your pieces. Good luck hunting...
  34. I agree that this is more than likely a reproduction. I have one very similar. They can really make them looked aged.
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