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  1. Wow. If that's true, this is much, much older than I thought. My guess, based on condition & age, it could be worth $50.00?
  2. SOLD about 2 months ago for $120.
  3. Up & Running!
  4. Finally got around to working a little on the bike last night. Replaced a couple of the cables (which I found on eBay - NOS), took off the old chain, put carbs back together, replaced front brake lev...
  5. Bikenstein - It's still sitting up on a work bench at my uncle-in-law's. We got as far as taking off the carbs, tank (rusted to hell), fuel lines, etc and I got the carbs fairly clean. I purchased a...
  6. Very interesting... I had no idea. Cool write up too.
  7. Sounds like yours was a CL160 (high pipes) - Made for road AND trail.
  8. It's true, Dan. I have my work cut out for me though. Paid $300... Hopefully it was worth it. I just hope MD doesn't make it next to impossible for me to get a title.
  9. So... did you ever get this bike on the road?
  10. Sorry I never responded... I'm thinking it's valued somewhere between $45-85.
  12. Larry - I think the one you're dad just bought is the sunburst finish version of the one I have. These old guitars don't really hold much value other than nostalgic or historic value, but depending u...
  13. I was thinking that the largest of them (all clear) on the left side of the picture might be the shooter.
  14. So... it sounds to me like it's probably from the mid-late 30's.
  15. Thanks for the advice Jason... I'll certainly keep that in mind for future sales.
  16. Those seem to be ones that are all bakelite as oppose to just bakelite knobs... plus probably more sought after. I picked it for $20 from a collector who was having a garage sale. I still made $20.
  17. Fashion Accessories?
  18. You think??? The guy I sold it to brought a catalog with him that showed it valued around that price. I wanted around $75 for it, but he wouldn't budge and when he showed me it's value I just went a...
  19. Me too.
  20. Thanks for the info rinkaan. I've updated the date on the title to reflect early 60's (I trust your judgement, as I haven't been able to find alot of information on this old sled). I do know that th...
  21. Radonc - I almost prefer old signs that are a little beat up and showing age (and character). But, in terms of value to collectors, you're right that condition is paramount. Thanks for the input... ...
  22. Anytime! Have you researched the possible value of this bike? I do know that the girls bikes are easier to find than boys bikes, so the boys' are usually more valuable.
  23. Not sure what that means honestly, but it could be that it's a Post-Nippon Gakki made guitar... i.e. it was made a little later, and perhaps holds less value than the Nippon Gakki Yamaha's of this sty...
  24. Neat Bike, but you misspelled Schwinn... twice.
  25. I guess with these pocket knives it can be tough to know for sure, but thanks for the comment kid.
  26. For what it's worth, this same sign just sold for $86.00
  27. Gotcha. I definitely appreciate your input on this. I paid a little more than the ones you have for sale, but I'm thinking I should've done more looking around before making the purchase. The guys ...
  28. Chad, my research tells me that based on the average of three realized auction values online, it should fetch around $115.00 to the right collector. Upon what are you basing your $25-30 value?
  29. Depending upon it's condition, maybe $200-$300. Kay instruments (especially some of the bass fiddles and old guitars) are definitely collectible. The look of the case seems to date it sometime in th...
  30. Hey Terry, do you have the knife posted here on Collectors Weekly? If so, it would be easier to get an idea (especially from the more knowledgeable collectors than myself) if it was authentic or not.
  31. Thanks kid! Yeah, this was actually not even part of the sale, but attached to a wall in a secondary building (old barn) that was showcasing overflow items, mostly glassware for sale. Initially the ...
  32. Awesome. I'm more of a Honda guy, but any late 60's bike like this is very cool. Looks kinda like a Honda Scrambler. Where'd you find it, and are do you plan to sell?
  33. Wow, thanks so much for all the valuable information, rniederman. I really appreciate folks input on this site. I do try to do as much research as I have time for on anything I post beforehand, and ...
  34. Gotcha. Well, I certainly appreciate all the feedback, Ray. Yeah, I'm a little suspect on it myself. I have a couple others with different graphics, but I just have a feeling all of them are repops...
  35. I think it's still a cool looking machine with some interesting design aspects to it, but I agree with Ray that it's probably not worth the bother of resto/resale.
  36. Hey aundie, I'm not sure what the difference is between the G-50 and the G-50A (what I have), but I'd say mine is probably worth $200, based on it being in good (not excellent) condition. So, as l...
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1948 Packard Convertible Monte Carlo edition 1934 Martin R-15 Archtop in it's original case. Production number 58652, the first of only two made. 1967 Vintage Suzuki B120