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  1. PS He's 16ins tall
  2. Thanks for that aghcollect Looks like this one's the second model, also has the number 1556 stamped or painted on the inside
  3. Thanks aghcollect there's a couple more avon bottles here somewhere a volkswagon and an old style ford, I'll try and find em.
  4. Thanks for that bit of info. much appreciated
  5. Lots more here too. I just uncovered an old tea chest with some broken toys in it. I'll sort em out later and post some pics.
  6. Thanks for that Vanessa T, As kids we were only allowed to play with things inside and at certain times, Then they were put away again."probably why they look so good". I did have a lot more things t...
  7. PS, The white spot in the bottle is actually in the glass, put there when the bottle was made. There is a slight lump in the glass inside where it is. Hard to tell what it is.
  8. A meal and a half actually, biggest problem is finding a pot to cook em in.
  9. thanks for the loves and comments, the other one should have shown up by now (hopefully)
  10. Good idea, Seeing it was breast cancer that took the Mrs maybe I should start making some pink chockys, ice blocks and jelly's etc and start selling em >:-)
  11. Thank you for the loves DrFluffy and achcollect, I need to dig through some of the boxes and tea chests here to see what else I got hidden away >:-)
  12. Thank you SEAN68 There's a bigger one in my sons bedroom I'll get a pic of it when he wakes up.
  13. thank you DrFluffy
  14. I've got the exact same scene here belonged to the late Mrs. one of the birds got a bit drunk and has falling off it's perch
  15. I saw a similar box to this one on "PAWN STARS" the other night 17 century treasure /bullion box, It had a fake lock on the front and the actual lock was on the top hidden under a plate, It took an e...
  16. thanks for the info sorry about pics being blurred I'll see if I can take some better ones. ps thanks for the loves.
  17. yep a real live tazzie debil here
  18. thanks mustangtony. never thought of jelly in them, might have to organize a party here
  19. Be nice to see it. Luckily these were all made and only had to stand the masts up and hook the rigging up. "the way I like to do things easy "
  20. Thanks for the loves I fell in love with them as soon as I seen the add for them so I had to get them, Early xmas presents for my son.
  21. geez thanks for the loves, I was going to toss this away. Thought it was junk
  22. know the feeling
  23. Sorry Blunderbuss2 nothing for a mazda at all. I went into google and found a manual for my Subaru imprenza 96 model free dl was rather strange everyone wanted me to pay for it and here' this site f...
  24. Quite right about it being a foundry mold, It appears to me to be for a coupling that goes on the end of a propeller shaft in a boat and couples up to the gear box. bored out to take the shaft. I ha...
  25. thanks for that bit of info fhrjra, I always thought they were posy vases or something similar, We earn something every day ps thanks for the loves
  26. I was sorta hoping they were crystal but after I cleaned them up "freshly washed" they turned out to be glass >;-( a dull ring when I flick them.
  27. This will most likely stay as it is, I'm at the lazy stage of my life (too lazy to do anything) or should that be can't be bothered any more >:-I he he
  28. Sorry but there's no info on them at all, they came from my mothers house and all I know about them is that they hung on her wall for about 50 to 60 yrs. I think they might be prints, the back if the...
  29. Sadly I never seen it with a black light (never knew you could actually), She had a lot of nice things some got broken (always the cat's fault) others just simply disappeared, A pair of nice antiqu...
  30. Me too but if past experiences are anything to go by its long gone >:-(
  31. Thanks for that information Tallcakes it's much appreciated, at least now I know something about it. and thanks Kerry for the love.
  32. thank you all for the loves >:-)
  33. Very nice almost as nice as mine (big cheeky grin)
  34. PS says a Butter dish
  35. I Have one almost exactly the same. Complete with spoon, it belonged to my late wife. This one has no markings on the shell except for 13 on the glass part. The spoon has made in england "mayell" on ...
  36. Woopz !! Sorry about taking so long to reply but I've been a bit slack, lazy more to the point, I haven't done a thing about it, No one in the family seems to know where she got it. Most likely someth...
  37. should read one and a half ins long
  38. The engine and carriages are each only 1/12 inches long
  39. glad you all love it >:-)
  40. I've seen similar style clamps that were used in the construction of clinker built dinghy's to hold the planks in place whilst being nailed off.
  41. Thanks for that. But these most likely came from my parents old place so I got no idea where they came from or when they were made
  42. I thought mine was plaster but after finding it it is some sort of glazed ceramic, it has a hole about 1/2 in" in diameter in the base, but it is imposable to see inside it,it has a few yrs worth of d...
  43. oh yea I placed the ruler there so as to get an idea how big it is. hard job finding a rule with inches on it these days here in aussie
  44. yea at first glance it might well be with the handle and the slots in the top where the station finder is
  45. It looks like a plaster type figure made as you say in the 40'0r 50's and given away as prizes at a show or fair. I have one here somewhere I got in the 50's. I'll find it and post a pic of it later.
  46. thanks for that. it may have been one just for the local market, 2 layers of chockys in those lil brown paper cups ??
  47. Thanks for that info, they most likely came from the mines here on the west coast of Tasmania, who got them I don't know. I actually worked in the area in the late 1070's but my "souvenirs" got lost y...
  48. thanks far that.
  49. whoops!! actually its stuck somewhere where the sun don't shine.
  50. that's what I thought, chamber pots a good idea, I'll need to find one might have a plastic (yuk) one here somewhere. I've got some old square desk legs here somewhere, something to do keep me out of ...
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