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Painting by Singaporean Artist - Siew Hock Meng ?... help needed with label on reverse - Fine Artin Fine Art
Stilnovo spider cceiling light ? - Lampsin Lamps
Croatian Naive Painting... signed ? - Fine Artin Fine Art
Early Hummel  - original signature? - Figurinesin Figurines
Karel Appel screen print -  1971 - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Antique Radio - identification help needed - Radiosin Radios
19th Century Scandinavian Spinning chairs ? - Furniturein Furniture
"American Steps"  - wooden ladder - info on the company required - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Old Blue and White China..any ideas ? - Asianin Asian
Retro Brooklyn Bridge  New York Tiled Coffee Table - any ideas of the maker ? - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Hi check this out
  2. Hi I have amended the origianl text with some more info...and added some new pictures .. regards Paul
  3. Wow...thanks for that Kunst... it is not exactly identical to this picture..(for example the birds are different...)...but obviously the similarities are striking. ,,...but now I am wondering... is...
  4. Any one else see a similarity to Edward Hopper ? (definately not saying it is by him!..just reminded me of his work) beautiful picture!..(I could live with the apparent shadow inconsistancies!) ...
  5. Hi Kathy This is stunning..and I love it! The mountain is, I believe, Mount Fuji in Japan. Best wishes Paul
  6. Ouch! ....should have stuck to things I know about!... thanks for the info :-) Paul
  7. Hi kunst, on your advice, I searched for "Two Faces" and indeed did find a couple of web sites with the same image.... so many thanks for that! Thinking about it, it was an obvious search choic...
  8. thanks vetraio! the framing cost me a fortune...but it was worth it! paul
  9. p.s the colours suggest, to me, it was made in the 1960s... Indeed, some websites say that the factory in Austria was opened in the 1960s...and some say in the 1970s...
  10. Hi This is the information I have on the reference number from a book I have: "1507 Handled Vase 27/29 Carstens Tönnieshof 1963" the "1507" is the pattern number, followed by either 27 or ...
  11. ..and finally! at this link you will find information about the Roberson Archives: P
  12. ok this is wierd. .. at this link you will find a list of "Roberson" stamps. your one ( with the spelling ...
  13. Hi interesting indeed! check out this web site: The firm named on the reverse actually supplied art products to Turner..!...
  14. sorry forgot to mention ...the back board is missing...and no other marks anywhere. I am wondering if it is a "homemade" set ? regards P
  15. Hi Blunderbuss2 They are good! I have been collecting antiques for 20+ years and I can spot a fake...but thanks for your concern! regards Paul
  16. Hi Solved it! It is a copy of a "Hatherley Lattistep". Patented in the UK in 1882 and 1883 in the USA. The USA patent expired in about 1900 so I guess it was made just after that ..patent copi...
  17. ..I will check them out Many thanks
  18. Any paper labels or country of make marks burnt into the underneath ? "Thonet" or "JJ Kohn" would be some of the best names to see... (normally paper labels which are often lost over time) but th...
  19. Hi vetraio50 Many thanks for the additional info... now reading up on Dobson! regards Paul
  20. Hi, Just found out they are by Eric Dobson..I think! Nice..:-)
  21. p.s.... 18cm x 10cm x 10 cm
  22. Hi Found her! lady called Monique Brunner. See link below: regards
  23. p.s... forgot to add... it is laaaarge!.. 70cm x 24cm. (not that it helps with the identification..)
  24. Hi It looks like a "fat lava" type of finish on it... meaning (I think) no earlier than mid 1950s... they started off first in West Germany... If it is Fata lava, the colours look more lte 60s/...
  25. Hi Truthordare. Many thanks for your comment...Im going to check out the web site. Much appreciated Paul
  26. Hi ref the ADAMS chair you probably found this already but just in case... Sorry...but you will have to copy the URL into Google..! refers to Adams making furniture 18th/early 19th century. r...
  27. Hi Im no expert in this area but I have seen this wide chrome used by Herman Miller - might be worth checking out. Regardless, it looks like a really great chair! congrats Paul
  28. I live in Belgium - home of VSL Have to say, fantastic vase but never seen that VSL design before. I recommend that you could contact the VSL factory (just go to their web site). They will confirm ...
  29. Hi all thanks for your comments. The horse is pulling a log/wood. Much like you would see with forest work etc. ..if only I could work out the signature..! Paul
  30. Hi Vet.... yes wood... not a "hard" wood though...easier to carve I guess
  31. Hi RRigo Just found the remains of a signature! Sadly, I cant read it.... Any ideas ? thanks Paul
  32. Hi rrigo I contacted - no luck, but they are looking for me. hjort... what makes you think it could be made by them ? I did some searching on the Internet ..there are a couple of...
  33. Hi rrigo Thanks for the link I will definitely contact them... much appreciated thanks Paul
  34. Hi Blunderbuss, Yes I agree the stamp is Belgian - its a tax stamp - suggesting it was imported into the country..? meaning it was not Belgian ? thanks for the interest!
  35. Hi Vetraio - changing from Firefox to Chrome Browser made a difference...wierd!
  36. hi... just tried... but it wont even let me remove the picture now! thanks for the tip though
  37. Hi Ivonne Thanks for the info, much appreciated. I never knew this so it will be a help. regards Paul
  38. Hi I bought it in a dusty second-hand shop (hidden in a pile of junk!). The owner of the shop, who I know as I am a regular customer, said that he got it in from a house clearance of an old pro...
  39. Hi Thanks for your reply. It is definitely not a litho but I cant quite work out if it is a screen print or an original. I'm looking to see if the paint "bleeds" into the paper fibres but ev...
  40. Hi check out this book link. It says Charles E Keller was a landscape artist born in Ohio around 1870 and was working in Zanesville Muskingum Ohio .. Guess case closed!! regards Paul ...
  41. It's not "Sommerso" ..Italian glass is it ? regards Paul
  42. Hi thanks for the comment. I had a look inside - cant see any numbers. I also scratched the inside and its the same yellow/gold colour as, for example, where the outside nose I guess no...
  43. Hi Mary Thanks for trying to help - much appreciated. I agree, I think it is English too (like me!) regards Paul
  44. Thanks for your thoughts.... one other thing, any idea on what this box was for ?... I thought perhaps for playing cards ..Bridge ? thanks again Paul
  45. Hi Drill, Thank you very much for all of this excellent information and advice. I'm certainly going to take my time and try to do the best job I can... I will post a picture when complete. Once...
  46. Hi vetraio50... thanks for the feedback Paul
  47. hi vetraio ..thanks for thetip ..will go check it out
  48. Hi vetraio50 thanks for so much info....really given me something to think about. much appreciated P
  49. Hi China, thanks for the info and the link ... I agree, seems from the same collection. regards
  50. sorry ..for got to ask... I really would like to find out how old it is as well.!
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