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Sugar Land, TX

We have numerous and wonderful items collected over many years. Some are 2-3 generations old and still in good shape. Since we are getting older now, we are startinWe have numerous and wonderful items collected over many years. Some are 2-3 generations old and still in good shape. Since we are getting older now, we are starting to pass many of these items onto new homes. So others may enjoy them as we have. (Read more)


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UNIQUE LACY HAND HELD FAN - IVORY TONE PLASTIC - HONG KONG - 1940-1950s - Accessoriesin Accessories
1980's Dakin Silvia White Cat 2" Wind-up Japan Artist Society - Toysin Toys
KEATING RANDOLPH DONAHOE - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Black Forest Cuckoo Clock, Musical w/Dancers - Clocksin Clocks
Wood Humidor for Pipes and Tobacco - Unknown date. - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Mystery Metronome de Maelzel  - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
MICKEY MOUSE WEATHER HOUSE 1950s - Animalsin Animals
POLL-PARROT WOOD SPINNER TOP early 1950s - Gamesin Games


  1. Never thought of that, Cormoran1925. She's been in there all her life, so far. What type packaging is better? Thank you.
  2. Isn't it a fun item?! We sold ours about 4 months ago. Down sizing. You enjoy yours and thanks for writing.
  3. Thanks, Manikin. We just noticed no arms ! LOL Thanks all for input.
  4. You are welcome and I am glad to hear the link worked.
  5. What era/decade does it come from? So far, have not figured that out. Trying to find out more history. Just know it was approx. before 1955. Thanks.
  6. No problem. Not sure why they added it to clocks, but there ya go ! Believe it also is listed in Music, show and tell area.
  7. So glad you like/love it, Bellin68. Ralph did a great job checking it out and taking pics. Afterwards, we both enjoyed hearing its http://www.metronomes.net/qm2a.wav
  8. thank you emersonestates for the love shared.
  9. OK, found something fun to read about weather forecasting houses this afternoon. Stumbled upon at Wordpress, an article from Nov 1950, in Mechanix Illustrated titled "Big Profits From Little Prophe...
  10. Howdy fhrjr2 and thank you for the dove tail joints correction. After reading your message, I did research the difference in those 2 joints and learned something new. Will take a look around for mor...
  11. We have the exact doll with her original hat. Unfortunately, when I researched her a few months ago, thinking she was an antique, I found the site telling her history. Poor baby. Maybe, she could b...
  12. To die for ! Have always wanted one, but never could afford it. Drool when I see which a beauty as your Harley. Pulled up to post office last week and one parked next to me. I just sat in the car ...
  13. Howdy kerry, wow, that is a low number then. Maybe, Ralph and I need to chat about auctioning it. We will see. It is hard to let go of some items. thanks.
  14. Thank you Kerry10456 for stopping by and kind words. If I had known ahead of time, I could have put on the kettle for tea. (grin) Then, we could chat more about Mr. Mickey. Kidding aside . . . glad...
  15. You are welcome, Manikin, and glad you enjoy seeing it.
  16. thanks for info Pop_abides. I seem to recall reading that, too. Have read much online and all is interesting. thanks again for your help.
  17. Good Morning Bruce, That Big Bird clock sounds like it gave you a run-for-your-money, so to speak. The fact you fixed it illuminates your skills. They just don't make things like they used to.
  18. you are welcome and glad you enjoy seeing Poll-Parrot top.
  19. Howdy kerry10456, thanks for the info. Guess they have come down in value the past few years. Probably many out there. No problem. We might put it up for sale eventually since we are getting olde...
  20. Thanks AR8Jason. I agree. Bruce did good. btw...one of my brothers is named Bruce. When I first saw "Bruce99", I wondered if my brother has a new handle!
  21. okay. thanks again.
  22. Howdy Bruce99, Thanks for the heads-up. I rearranged the photos. thanks also for the research you did about how much it is selling for around cyber space. Box and inserts are missing, but it works ...
  23. Howdy Bruce99, Thanks for responding. Looking forward to hearing from kerry10456, too. Good to hear other's opinions and info.
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1998  Harley Davidson...FLSTS Seth Thomas electric clock