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Lenoir NC

Old? Veteran Eclectic Poor (in $) LOOS (lover of old stuff) as was my Granddad before me.


  1. Ozzy Ozbourne model flying V guitar about all I know owned one in the 1980's
  2. Amber Yes thats is Twist tobacco. Imagine trying to smoke or chew all that to once, or biting off a hunk? like rolled kraft -crepe paper with stems.
  3. thanks Amber, twist was smoked rolled or in pipe or chewed or ?
  4. This tool appears to be cast from a mold. This indicates that more than one should exist as is much work for one of a kind. To my knowledge this is the only one. There are five known to me views of ob...
  5. they may help with grip, ACME threads are square cut for high load, most vices have them.
  6. looks like nail punch or rivet set grove around outside is looks like Acme thread perhaps from shaft it was made from. May have been made a lath, indentation is for dead center. was just a practice pi...
  7. Bung cutter for barrel bungs.
  8. Link to tool on amazon is by Apex but near twin.
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