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    Posted 8 years ago

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    Hoping some knowledgeable person can help me solve the mystery of this tool. My father was a collector of everything and became an antique dealer ... I think to fund his collections! When liquidating my parent's estate I came across this tool in his "tool collection" area. He had many tools of all kinds including, farming and blacksmith . This one must have been a mystery to him as the label on it read "iron gadget". I looked in every farm and antique tool guide that he had with no luck. It has no maker's marks. It measures approx. 8" in length. It was the only tool that I kept from his collection because I was determined to figure out what it was. I have had suggestions such as a walnut splitter and a tool to castrate an animal. But no one is really sure.....I would love to solve this mystery. Thanks in advance

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    1. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      This is so obvious, I let somebody else take credit for tell us.
    2. LOUMANAL LOUMANAL, 8 years ago
      A Splitter! RER
    3. tsindoni, 8 years ago
      Thanks for your reply. Not being as knowledgeable as you, should I know what this is supposed to split? It is not obvious to me.
    4. Manikin Manikin, 8 years ago
      Blunder what does it do ? I thought RER had to do with railroad but what do I know . What does it split please tell :-)
    5. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      You are asking me to take the fun out of this for me, Mani? There is some thing else that is so obvious that I can't believe ya'll are missing it. Look closely.
    6. tsindoni, 8 years ago
      Blunder....I have looked closely, if it was so obvious, I would not have asked for help. Believe that this is no longer fun as I have been looking for the answer from someone willing to help. If you know the answer, please share it. Thank you.
    7. Manikin Manikin, 8 years ago
      Blunder to me it looks like a device to behead chickens :-)
    8. Manikin Manikin, 8 years ago
      Some kind of a plier ?
    9. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      OK, OK, rather than cause pain & suffering! Look closely at #1 (my reply). Now click you heels 3 time while repeating, "I have been had, I have been had, I have been had".
    10. toolate2 toolate2, 8 years ago
      Sorry no one has an answer for you yet... My father had a name for this sort of thing. He'd buy an old tool or something at the flea market that nobody had any idea what it was and he'd just tell everyone that it was a "good one." He bought a lot of good ones over the years... Most of which he never did know what they were
    11. Manikin Manikin, 8 years ago
      Blunder I am coming after you ,please put the guns away first LOL I am coming with this thing and see what it can do <wink>
    12. Manikin Manikin, 8 years ago
      We will hopefully find out what it is for you . Walks where are you Bro ????? Your good at this tools .
    13. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      Hey Mani, I never said I knew what it is! Actually, I think your suggestion about it making limp chickens is probably right but bet the mafia bought some too. Dead chickens are certainly easier to get in the oven. By the way, I never unload my guns except to change mags. to let the springs "rest". You never heard that "It's the unloaded that kills". Mine are safe!
    14. Manikin Manikin, 8 years ago
      Walks where are you ?????? Do you know what this is ? Blunder said you did :-)
    15. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      Too late Mani. Walks can't help you now. LOL
    16. Manikin Manikin, 8 years ago
      oh no Blunder what did you do to him :-( xoxo do those help :-)
    17. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      A' ain't dun tut'n to em. Probably waiting for the weather to warm up so he doesn't have to weed thru those postings of things that weren't sold in their last yard sale.
    18. IMASapp IMASapp, 8 years ago
      Well, apparently no one knows what this is, including me. But, I will guess it is a sugar breaker.
    19. Manikin Manikin, 8 years ago
      I emailed him to look at it Blunder I got a note yesterday so I know he is alive :-)
      IMAS hold on there must be someone and Walksoft is good at tools and has not been online yet .
    20. fhrjr2 fhrjr2, 8 years ago
      The spade shaped blade says betel nut cutter to me. Also known as an Areca nut. No chewing them doesn't get you high but people still do it.
    21. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      This has been a great ride. Maybe we were short sided and didn't see the more obvious. The bloody thing, has all kinds ob uses. I think the thing is what You want it to be. I wouldn't mind having one.
    22. Tesla76, 8 years ago
      I think maybe it is an Electrode "ground" for welding possibly
    23. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      That could be Tesla, if it locks.
    24. TallCakes TallCakes, 8 years ago
      looks like the OP got discouraged and hasn't returned. It would be nice to see what the other side looks like to see if maybe the thing can be 'locked' open or closed. The 'spring' in the grip looks as those it is intended to assist in keeping in open position.
    25. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      Discouraged, disgusted. Not much difference. Well, for welding, a point for a ground will melt, but then it also has teeth in front of that.
    26. rvennerbeck rvennerbeck, 8 years ago
      To open clams or oysters.
    27. LOUMANAL LOUMANAL, 8 years ago
      I was right!! A "splitter" to split open Clams or ..RER(BOB)
    28. DrBill, 8 years ago
      That is an Olive pitter.
    29. TallCakes TallCakes, 8 years ago
      can't see this as a olive pitter; olive pitter that I've seen have small round 'post' to push the pit out of the olive thru a hole in the part holding the olive. Looks like this "might" split and olive down to the pit but not remove the pit; actually doesn't look like an olive would be completely split as the 'blade' doesn't look to actually go all the way down to the cupped side. Make more since as a clam opener.
    30. TallCakes TallCakes, 8 years ago
      @DrBill: interesting that you would delete your post while commenting here. I see no patent info to support the olive pitter while at least finding similar patent for clam opener.
    31. Super, 8 years ago
      The patented clam opener is adjustable and has some mechanical advatage, this is for an easy cut into something pretty soft, especially if it starts anywhere near wide open...
    32. thmecharlie, 8 years ago
      I should like some more information on this item. Some other views, obverse side, front, underside and top side. I am following this item on another site and all have these same views. I believe I know its use but do not wish to disclose it at this time. This seems to be the only one to ever surface and to reveal my thought on the limited information at hand would be foolish on my part.
    33. fhrjr2 fhrjr2, 8 years ago
      You shouldn't disclose anything once you get more images. To do so would be foolish on your part. I suspect it is being used by terrorists and I refuse to disclose anything more
    34. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      Ah, another avenue we haven't explored.
    35. fhrjr2 fhrjr2, 8 years ago
      When asking for a picture of the underside never disclose anything more. I agree to disclose our thoughts would not serve us. Although the underside may prove interesting.
    36. thmecharlie, 8 years ago
      Knowledge is power. Partial knowledge based on limited information is Folly...
    37. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      I'm getting confused (easy)! I just don't want my ex to have one & a key to my house at the same time.
    38. tsindoni, 8 years ago
      It has no locking mechanism and there is no patent etc. The gripping grooves are offset. I added 2 more photos. Thanks for all of your input.
    39. aghcollect aghcollect, 8 years ago
      Either my eyes are playing with me or there is something stamped on the head in the 4th picture
    40. tsindoni, 8 years ago
      I see the spot on the head you are referring to. I looked more closely at the spot and don't see a stamp there...but it does look like it in the photo.
    41. smileymarshn, 8 years ago
      I believe you will find that this is a tool that was used when syretching barbed wire fence. Not sure the actual name.
    42. smileymarshn, 8 years ago
      stretching barbed wire fence. :-)
    43. thmecharlie, 8 years ago
      This item seems to be an orphan, has no owner or possessor, it is an internet enity everywhere on here. Everyone wants to know what it is on 6 sites to my knowledge but no further information beyond 3 pictures all same side 1 open, 1 closed and closeup of operative end. I believe I know what this is but will not disclose my theory without know more about object and owner/possessor there of. Those wanting to know what it is can help to track who has this,and supply additional info. thier curiosity will be satisfied when item is found.
    44. tsindoni, 8 years ago
      In response to the above comments.....To my knowledge it is posted on 2 sites, not 6. I think my opening statement describes all that I know about the object, the fo
      rmer owner and current possessor there of. I am the owner of this item, it was my father's. I really don't know how much more info or how many different photos I can post.
    45. AmberRose AmberRose, 8 years ago
      Hi Tsindoni...hmmmm....if it doesn't lock, the front clamps something, and that heart looking thing cuts something...seem right?
    46. tsindoni, 8 years ago
      Yes AmberRose, that is correct.
    47. thmecharlie, 8 years ago
      Hello tsindoni, Thanks for your response. I am glad to find a person that knows more about this device. You are lucky to have it as it seems to be rare and unknown. Thanks also for the additional pictures. The picture of the rear of blade changed my thoughts on what it maybe. The jaw has been stated as being broken where the serrations are only on the edge, I do not believe that seems to be formed that way. As to it being a grafting tool geometer of tool appears to be wrong for making a proper cut for a T graft correctly. A view of entire tool top and bottom and end on of the working would help me. I can see no use of it as a castration tool. but do have some other thoughts. I have seen this tool, same pictures on 3 sites and a couple on Facebook so it is out there, I found it on Facebook and reached this site thru a link there. Thanks!
    48. tsindoni, 8 years ago
      Hello smileymarshn.....are you sure it was used to stretch barbed wire? I thought originally that it might be a barbed wire fence tool but after looking at all of the tools I could find related to barbed wire, I could not find one that looked like this. Have you actually seen one like this somewhere? Thanks
    49. thmecharlie, 8 years ago
      I agree did barbed wire 50 years ago - not a barbed on any other kind of wire tool, jaws may work for that but no wire cutter and lack of force on the jaws makes it highly unlikely.
    50. smileymarshn, 8 years ago
      I shared the picture with friends. One of their grandfathers said it looked like what they used to stretch wire fence. Hes 95. Im still looking.
    51. smileymarshn, 8 years ago
      is it possibly to cut roses or flowers?
    52. vetraio50 vetraio50, 8 years ago
      There's a spring mechanism on the handle too!
    53. vetraio50 vetraio50, 8 years ago
      It is meant to spring back after cutting and pushing apart just one side of the cut.
    54. Marine53 Marine53, 8 years ago
      To hold a fish ,while removing the hook
    55. TallCakes TallCakes, 8 years ago
      so far I see nothing to disprove the shellfish opener suggestion. The size, cupping to hold shellfish, fleam/blade to pry open and the plier teeth to pick up and chip the shell if needed. Tho' it makes for interesting conversation, this would not seem to be a very efficient nor humane emasculator tool.
    56. AmberRose AmberRose, 8 years ago
      I don't know if I like the barbed wire idea. It seems too large for that. (not that I have ever strung wire) I speculate going in a different direction like cutting plug tobacco. I know the "store" versions are table top style but maybe a farm version?? Thread it through to specific length then "heart" blade chops it?
      I could be down a crazy wrong street here...
    57. yaneverknow, 8 years ago
      Blacksmiths sometimes used to make their own tools to work with. I believe it was to work with thin metal or wire to make something.
    58. RobH, 8 years ago
      Someone sent me your photos, the answer will be posted tomorrow on this site:
    59. thmecharlie, 8 years ago
      This tool appears to be cast from a mold. This indicates that more than one should exist as is much work for one of a kind. To my knowledge this is the only one. There are five known to me views of object of which one is shown, estimated length is about than 8 inches end to end. Has 3 rivets, one at a pivot point securing two handles together, one holding spring in place the other attaching a two edged cutter with a boss on on side the other being flat. Similar to modern arrowhead sharpened to an acute point, appears intended to penetrate an object placed between it and the lower handle/ jaw which is fashioned to secure an object for penetration. This blade is unable to contact lower jaw with a clearance of about ¼ inch which would prevent the complete piercing thereof. There is what appears to be a spring between the two handles that would cause device to open when pressure on the handles is released, fastened to a groove in the upper handle, free hanging with device fully open and riding on a protrusion when closed. From the lower handle, rising to beyond upper handle there is a protrusion that appears prevent tool from opening more than a couple inches. At the extreme end of device are a set of opposing serrated jaws of perhaps one inch in length, these appear to be used for the grasping of an object and can close completely.

      I believe it to be a tool for
      1. For cutting twist tobacco, is like a rope but not as twisted or stout, 1-2 inches in diameter. It came in dry untreated, or flavored but not as moist or compacted as plug. You are probably with cutters for them generally larger and much more robust. If full hank was not desired tool was used to cut (or nearly so) a length. Jaws may have been used to extract enough to roll a smoke.
      2. I have seen mention of perhaps to cut rubber hose. By piercing and rotation of hose it would have been possible. Tool does not show such wear marks and front boss on blade would have hindered rotation. Jaws may have been used on internal spring (used to prevent hose collapse). But no provision for cutting same so I do not believe this is correct use.
      3. As for clam or other bivalve opener tool shows no wear patterns that would be expected from that use. As cutter is alongside of tool (not centered in jaws) half of shell would not have been supported, front boss would cause shell to fracture causing fragments in the clam.
      4. Castration tool is just laughable, wishful thinking.

      If you have additional info on this device that shows me to be in error Please leave a comment and contact information. I would be glad to discuss it further.
    60. AmberRose AmberRose, 8 years ago
      Ahem...who da man? or in this case, woman!
      The teeth at the end might be used to make a plug twist. (Clamp and spin)
    61. thmecharlie, 8 years ago
      thanks Amber, twist was smoked rolled or in pipe or chewed or ?
    62. AzTom AzTom, 8 years ago
      Well, It looks like it's a Corn Husker. Must not have been very practical as is seems they were all thrown away except this one.
    63. Marine53 Marine53, 8 years ago
      Had a lot of fun with this picture it .....thanks for posting Tsindoni
    64. AmberRose AmberRose, 8 years ago
      I was thinking like this:;_ylt=AwrB8piCeS1TDVwAJFKJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTIyZ2QxZWo2BHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZAM5MTA1OTIxMTBlMWJiNTdmZGUzMjBmMTFjYjRmYjNkMgRncG9zAzIEaXQDYmluZw--?
    65. thmecharlie, 8 years ago
      Amber Yes thats is Twist tobacco. Imagine trying to smoke or chew all that to once, or biting off a hunk? like rolled kraft -crepe paper with stems.
    66. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 8 years ago
      Thmecharlie, in Jamaica it's called "Donkey rope". Disgusting sh-t!
    67. smileymarshn, 8 years ago
      Indeed. is a corn husker.
    68. ho2cultcha ho2cultcha, 8 years ago
      medical instrument - circumciser??!!


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