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1907 - 1909 Union Tool Box Co. - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Gerstner price when new - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Union Tool Chest Works - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
C.E. Jennings Old-Style Machinist Tool Chests  - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Here’s another Gerstner machinist Market Test Chest. - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Get Keys Made by Impression - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Lid open display - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Wedell & Boers Machinist Tool Chest - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
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Union Tool Chest Works, Style B - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware


  1. Yes, but it was flat and thick......Ted
  2. Go to this site to check out what they cost in their hay day.
  3. Your chest was manufactured by Schartow Iron Products Co. in Racine, WI. They didn’t have anything to do with Gerstner or Union, except compete for the business. You can visit this site https://sites...
  4. Your chest was made by National Tool & Chest Co., Star brand. They were offering machinist tool chests from 1940 into the mid 50's. Check out the following web site -
  5. Check out 'The' Guide at
  6. Sorry, The last 2 pictures weren't upside down in my files.....Ted
  7. Check out my website if you wish. …..Ted
  8. That is a very good looking and ornate machinist tool chest. I agree that it's over 100 years old. I've been researching these old style chests and I've not seen one like yours and do not know what co...
  9. Well, guess what. Another revision on July 5th for ‘The’ Guide for wood machinist tool chests. We just keep pounding away and it’s getting...
  10. Here's how to contact Cave Creek Lock,
  11. My W & B does have an Eagle lock. I call them ‘Rectangular’ for lack of the correct term. Gerstner chests also used the same lock from 1919-1925. The key number is stamped into the upper flange of t...
  12. If you go to Pg 23 on this site you'll find a lot of info on it.
  13. There's not any doubt that H. Gerstner & Sons chests are the most collectable. My personal opinion would be their pre-1951 O42, 11 drawer chest. Union and Pilliod are becoming quite popular also.....Ted
  14. That's right blunderbuss2. Only problem is it was lost before I acquired the chest. I'm still searching for another one......Ted
  15. Yes Jonesee, they do look similar, but there are quite a few differences. That's what makes it a challenging hobby.....Ted
  16. Yes Courtenany, that's the original mirror. Some Pilliods, some Unions and Mid-West Mfg. used oval mirrors......Ted
  17. Here are two websites that will definitely help you with this hobby. If you’re seeking to identify the maker, style # and/or when it was made go to this site -
  18. Good job Daddy_Nobucks. I personally do not care for 'circa' dates, not enough definition. In this case your history yields a period date of 1956 - 1962, consider using that. Again, nice work and hav...
  19. Union Steel Chest Corp., LeRoy NY, used the Eagle symbol that is embossed on the end of your box. Good luck.
  20. I've never seen one like it. I doubt it ever had an electrical cooling unit. It may have used the Brown Mfg. original style, vertical, cap puller. The logo is the 1938 or earlier style. Kelvinator bui...
  21. I used 'The' Guide and found your unit to be either a master size Westinghouse WD-12 or a Cavalier FD-12. Those were made from 1948 - 1956. Your unit is dry and doesn't use water. Hope this helps.
  22. Hey Builder99, go to the below site. It shows you how to ID your own coolers. Good luck.
  23. Hey Capt., Since I posted about 3 weeks ago I have discovered the diff in the cap catchers. The one posted on ebay, (2 vertical mounting holes) was used in 1934 thru 36. Your cooler has 2 horizontal ...
  24. Good advice above. Your cooler was manufactured from 1934-1938 if it's a Westinghouse, or 1936-1938 if a Cavalier. The lids didn't have embossing on them for this year range. Yours is a 1941 +/-1 yr...
  25. It could be a Master size ice cooler manufactured after 1946. We really need more pic's, without the other junk, of all four sides, the top and inside tank view before we can get down to specifics. On...
  26. That's a 1946-47 catcher off of a Westinghouse or Cavalier Dry Coca-Cola cooler. The cap puller was mounted on the cooler cabinet instead of mounting in the catcher, as in later years. I'm presently ...
  27. I agree with Daddy Nobucks. The tank date code translates to Dec. 1941.
  28. Hey Juanita, Thanks for posting a pic of a great old sign. I love it, with all of its old character. I’ve been researching old Coca-Cola chest type vending machines and have some resources at my fi...
  29. Here’s an explanation of the embossed DATE CODE on Coca-Cola Coolers found on the right tank wall end near the top. W- stands for Westinghouse as being the manufacturer of the cooler. Their number c...
  30. What you have there is a Master Ice chest that was manufactured in 1934-1938. It was made by Westinghouse or Cavalier. If you would look along the inside upper tank wall on the right end you should fi...
  31. Nice find. I would have said it was made in 1934-1938. It is a Westinghouse or Cavalier Standard Ice cooler. It’s missing the cap-catcher on the front and maybe the lid? These models did not have remo...
  32. Thanks for the comments. I’m a mechanical engineer type, retired, living in the NW of WA State. I enjoy research projects, especially when they were needed. I was surprised to find out how needed this...
  33. I messed up. Cavalier used Frigidaire cooling systems.
  34. Good point Daddy_Nobucks. I don't yet know when Cavalier started making Coca-Cola coolers. I think it might have been in 1941. Kelvinator may have been making them from 1934 to say 1940 and turned the...
  35. I've been researching the pre-1960 Vendo chest type Tops. I agree that's it Westinghouse Standard Cooler. It was cooled by putting ice in the tank around the bottles. Yours has the word 'Drink' inside...
  36. I can help with 1930's - 1960 Coca-Cola coolers or vending machines. You'll need to send pictures and dimensions to Thanks and have a good one. Ted
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