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  1. So it's worth restoring? I have no intension of really selling the machine but if you don't mind me asking what did the museum pay for your restored one? And how hard was it to restore
  2. Thank you Manikin and fanciGirl for all the comments and information. What a cool story Fancigirl I had no idea about his name, year or about the saying on the back! thank you!!!
  3. Thank you Manikin!
  4. Thank you everyone!
  5. nope live in the country.... I just like to hear peoples stories and memories and if anyone has any comments on it I would like to hear it. And I know what its used for but you never know what someone...
  6. Thank you AzTom!
  7. Yea looks just like mine! What other websites had them for sale? I wanna compare ours to there's
  8. Is yours in good condition too?
  9. It's from the 90s I believe but I'm guessing it was for outside a gas station or a beverage place. I've seen smaller identical ones outside beverage places around here. Is yours 6ft or around there ?
  10. Thank you Sean merry Christmas
  11. Thanks for all the loves on this! And I will post pictures of it at the beach haha
  12. Mine has glass lenses but I have no idea how to tell the year and when I go home ill check the manufacture
  13. Thanks for the loves everyone!
  14. Yes I did! It looks great. I'm trying to find a little more about it. I wonder if I can type the pin anywhere and find out where it use to be?
  15. IT WORKS GREAT!!! Me and my girl cleaned it all up and it lit right up and started to keep the cans cold!
  16. Haha he wouldn't know what to do. I mean the thing is only 10 min away so if I really wanted to I could drive the lawn mower over :)
  17. Coca cola started in 1886 when pepsi started in 1898 I believe
  18. Question... What's more collectible... Coke or pepsi?
  19. Well they deleted my railroad post but I just needed to know more about it. I mean ya it was a cool peice but it was in rough shape so I just wanted to make sure I was buying for a goo price. Thank yo...
  20. Well thank you it's good to hear that :)
  21. Yea I know what you've been through. I got harassed yesterday about an item I wanted to buy and I was trying to find out what it was worth so I could get it for the right price but then everyone start...
  22. I don't mind at all! I'm proud of every price I pay!! I got it for $50. I believe it's worth almost $300
  23. Haha I went to work and fixed it :)
  24. love the sign
  25. yours looks great im glad you saved them
  26. do you know how to tell the year? I hjave a traffic light and have no idea what year it is
  27. you ever get the gas pumps?
  28. these are hard to come by! good find!
  29. what a great sign I love the character.
  30. Thank you for all the comments and loves
  31. fixed it!
  32. I don't have a wifi at my house so I only get to upload from my phone..
  33. I have no idea why after downloading the image it converts it sideways.
  34. Well you won't believe this but I just sold my convertible so I could by a truck so I could buy bigger antiques and stuff haha
  35. Sorry phone has auto correct problems haha what year was it
  36. Hahaha why yet was it? And thank
  37. You had a gremlin???
  38. Yea I had no other way of bringing it home haha I just thought hey that would look awesome with my collection the best part is it was about to rain haha
  39. I've never even heard about patio! Thanks for the knowledge
  40. This is 1950s right? What a cool piece
  41. What an awesome piece
  42. Does anyone know the year or how to tell?
  43. Do a lot of people have these? I've never came across one except this one
  44. That was really helpful!! Thank you!
  45. There glass and it was in Utica last year!
  46. Good to hear that
  47. Is it worth any thing?
  48. Yea I think it's a cool price to have! I think it's worth $250-$300 but I'm not to sure.
  49. Thank you for the comments it's appreciated
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Unknown date: Old Prison solitary confinement room 1963 Patio Diet Cola Pepsi Co Bottle Embossed Pepsi Cola Ideal 55 Slider...Single Dot...10 Cent Chest Machine...With Key...From The Fifties Coca-Cola Carriers