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  1. Amazing! Red Cinnabar earrings. I love how the red carved flowers look against the gold wash.
  2. Definitely Japanese Satsuma. That is a very large piece with excellent detail. I love the decorative sides. Hard to tell age as Satsuma is still being produced but if it is that detailed I would say i...
  3. Definitely Satsuma and very nice large piece. Many of the large ones were drilled and turned into lamps. Nice to see one in such good condition.
  4. Hello, Netsuke are more Japanese than Chinese. This looks like a carved piece of jade in a stylized Chinese dragon. Very nice.
  5. Very cool piece of history. I had something similar and was told it was made in China for the Flying Tigers. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flying_Tigers They were a group of American pilots fig...
  6. Many of these were made into lamps. Maybe the holes were for fitting for light fixture?
  7. Japanese porcelain. Looks like imari to me. The red and gold border with the floral and bird motif is very typical of Japanese Imari of the early 20th C.
  8. The painting is Persian style. Could be from Iran/Iraq. Are you sure it's plastic? Many of these were done on ivory or bone. To test turn it over and you could do the hot pin test on a corner. If the ...
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