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Robot Commando ~ Battery Operatedby robotlee
Nice Old Oiler w/Soldered Extension by Nicefice
Baby Thunder ~ Wind-Upby robotlee
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Tall Robot by mowgli191
Robot - Metropolis Mariaby Bun-bun
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Robot - Bandai Soul of Chogokin Boss Borotby Bun-bun
Robots and action figuresby Bun-bun
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 24-inch-SHOGUN-WARRIORS-GAIKING-Jumbo-Machinder-Nice-Original-Condition  24-inch-SHOGUN-WARRIORS-GAIKING-Jumbo-Machinder-Nice-by doynger69
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this is my robot I need any info on??  its 12'' inches tall.. help pleaseby firefrye
Laserionby JJwood
My husband's collection of vintage robotsby JJwood
Japanese Robotsby JJwood
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Dr who giant robotby Luigi1372
tin robot japan by Joneby leotoys
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What is this?????????by calicojack
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Robo the Fanby cindyjune
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1962 Machine Man!by LaurieC
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Mr. Mercury by MARXby tkc_815
Help! It's driving me crazyby CapeWestTech
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Yoshiya Moon Explorer Robotby bfarr14
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robbie the robotby Toyman
        1950s Marvolous mike  tractorby Toyman
Diaclone 1980 car robot LP500S  No.3 countach patrol car typeby surforski24
Mechanized Robot (1956??) Robby the Robot??? ~HELP!~by debdolfyn
Dialcone-The Great Robot Base 1980by surforski24
some of my items I have no clue on valueby drachen8
1980's Omnibot Robotby traveler0197