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1964 Jefferson Nickel no mint mark need information by Martin85
found this jefferson nickel in roll from bankby funkeatrepeat
2007 Jefferson Nickel Grease Struck Thru Dropped R by HJWyatt
2014 P Nickleby Mercy
Jefferson Nickel Multiple strike through grease obverseby mountainrun…
misstruck nickolby crusott1
broken nickelby nikkinoodle
Weird Jefferson Nickelby kingmesellers
2001 p Jefferson nickel error by RookieCoins…
1962 DDR/DDOby alaskajim
1988 P copper plated Nickelby DIANEGS
mis struck 1990 nickleby tschenck
us coin Jefferson 5c Saddle Strikeby jfit
us error coin sale,1997-p Improper Annealing jefferson nickel error shiney red copper look by jfit
Simple Pocket Change Nickleby Darkstarwulf
I'm not sure but I think this is a jefferson nickel stamped of standing liberty on a silver plachet.      Any ideas?by Dennisraymis
The Bearded Jefferson Nickelby davidbenoit…
The Thomas Jefferson  " Large  S "  Nickel by jb4gpo
1942 Philadelphia Jefferson Silver Nickelby VikingF…
U.S. WW II Silver Nickels (1942-1945)by valleyboy
1940 Nickelby kristin