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Hopedale, IL

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African Mask ~ estate find~  help!!! 
juicer?  not really sure - Kitchenin Kitchen
My Beatles Yellow Submarine Lunchbox - Musicin Music
WWII bayonet ??  found in a wall 
Miss Illinois gown - Womens Clothingin Womens Clothing
Devil Salt and Pepper shakers - Kitchenin Kitchen
UPDATE: POSITIVELY PRICELESS (to us)  -1971 Roadrunner w/440  
late 1800's or early 1900's fire place - Furniturein Furniture
TONFUNK radio - Radiosin Radios


  1. the Chopper is in season3. think the Roadrunner will be in the next new season 4
  3. Awesome rings! I just LOVE the vintage stuff! WOW!
  4. AR8Jason - Thank you! I had NO idea! how do I go about finding out WHO signed this piece? This hunt is fun! thanks for the info... I just love learning about all this stuff! Sharon
  5. Pop_abides Thanks, I get it now. I'm a newbie here. so my juicer, that is not even juicer... is a ring holder. That is a unsolved mystery.. that JUST got solved! It doesn't have anything to do ...
  6. Thanks StihlCollector! do you think it's worth more than $200.00? I was thinking it should be at least $300.00... but then I was told to ask $600.00... and then... my son said it wasn't worth anythi...
  7. Since it's your Fathers it probably means a lot to you! Just like my sign means a lot to me... because it was my Fathers and he just passed away. and BTW, it IS an unsolved mystery... if you don't k...
  8. Thanks cocacolakid97 it's my fav Beatle item cuz I carried it to school every day.
  9. clinton Mccomb - I sold the themos (sp) for $350.00 in 1998 to a collector. he offered me $500.00 for the lunchbox. I needed $$ to get an operation for my horse so I sold it... but kept the lunchbox...
  10. Savoychina1 - Thanks so much for the info!
  11. very nice!
  12. VERY cool find!
  13. Newbie question: can you leave your posting and change some of the pictures? Like, delete a pic and replace it with a new one. ?
  14. Thanks Boxlunchkiller! I gotta agree.... Gotta love the Beatles! :-)
  15. HELP! does anyone know about these kind of items with "japan" stamped on the bottom? I've found quite a few... salt and pepper, quite a few dogs, and other small items... all have that JAPAN mark st...
  16. Cool! Thanks YardSaleDave, It's gonna be in Hopedale, IL (central Illinois) we have a 40 x 80 building... to have it in... but we have to figue out HOW to be able to have it there 1st... ya see, it...
  17. tikiray - what can I say.... you, with all your info... R Awesome! Thanks Again! Sharon
  18. Jess, we were thinking of putting it in a barn sale this spring.. for $50.00 buck... but after all I've learned.. that may be a bit high.
  19. YardSaleDave - thank, someone told us at our garage sale... it might be Spanish ... but we really didn't know.
  20. James - Thanks for all the info! I just love learning for all of you out there. Sharon
  21. Thank you James! do you have any idea of what it's worth?
  22. WOW! great find!! I'm jealous!
  23. I just love that you rode this thing! so cool! Awesome pic... we love you, Frank, and Danielle! ya gotta take her pickin again SOON.. it's it your turn to mine the shop? right?
  24. I don't know much about books... But I've got tons of Beatles paperbacks that I bought as a kid and still have them. how do you tell if it is a first printing? Thanks for posting! Sharon
  25. tikiray- THANK YOU SO... SO MUCH for all this info! you rock! happy, happy, joy, joy! :-)
  26. Vestawind- I do have a special policy for it.. tho, I'm not sure it's the best plan. I only have it covered for 12 grand. I'll need to check that out. Thanks :-)
  27. Hotrodpaully - LOL! it does have a car cover... not sure how good of one, but it's made for the car. my late husband bought it and I have no idea about the cover. but I do plan on driving it this ...
  28. thanks mopar athority, I only have it covered for $12,000 cuz I had no clue. guess I'd better up it a bit. but it's not going anywhere! thanks again! Sharon
  29. Chapeldreamer - Thanks so much for the comment... I WILL hang on to it.. it would be the last thing I sold and only IF I HAD to. I'll pass it on to my kids and I hope it stays in the family.
  30. Thanks for the comment Trenchartman!
  31. Thanks so much Dave. we put it in our 1895 farm house.. I just wanted to know if it went with that time period. Thanks for taking the time to let me know! Sharon
  33. TIKIRAY - Thank you SO much for the info! I though I'd never find out! Sharon
  35. Just another question about this. does anyone know how I would go about telling if this was made around 1900? Thanks Sharon
  36. Thanks Vestaswind, I'm hooked on watching Barrett Jackson also. but this is a keeper. not selling. thanks for the info for insurance tho!
  37. Thanks DMK678 :-)
  38. Thanks for the info & the comments NeikoKc! made my day
  39. does anyone know anything at all about this radio? HELP
  40. Thanks yardsaledave! I'll check back and check on the other pics 2 see if they are showing yet. Sharon
  41. I've had a few of my pics show up as just x. ? but when u click on the x the pictures DO show up. what am I doing wrong? I'm a newbie :-( Thanks Sharon
  42. found out that the "green eye" is called a magic eye... is this right?
  43. Cool! Thanks Dave! U made my day! Sharon
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UPDATE: POSITIVELY PRICELESS (to us)  -1971 Roadrunner w/440 RARE CHAMPION SPARK PLUG 6FT X 4FT OUTDOOR SIGN Beatles bedsheet swatch-1966 late 1800's or early 1900's fire place 1930s? Wedgewood Stove with Fun Red Highlights George Harrison signature... Incredible Red and Yellow Catalin Addison Vendo 80 My Beatles Yellow Submarine Lunchbox 1941 Harley-Davidson knucklehead Antique German Pull Toy Horse Glass Eyes Horse Hair Wood Carriage 1885 Victor high-wheeler TONFUNK radio My Beatles room with John Lennon's shirt... Model 800 Wurlitzer Jukebox ORIGINAL BEATLES RIAA WHITE MATTE RECORD AWARDS


1940 Aircraft Maint. Book Beatles HELP! paperback Beatles Tin Tray old wood fireplace 1776 cast in front plate WW2 German Bayonet John Lennon Print DID YOU SAY "TONY STEWART" ?


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