The Triumphant Return of Ben Marks

By Lisa

April 1st, 2011

Last month, our Senior Editor Ben Marks took a brief leave of absence to get some tinkering on his spine. He returned triumphant, and better than ever—and with a badass new scar. Since Ben is an avid collector of rock posters (read his “Confessions of a Failed Poster Flipper,” as well as his interviews with Marq Spusta and Gary Houston), we commissioned the brilliant Casey Castille to create a psychedelic poster in his honor.

Casey is a graphic designer and poster artist who finds inspiration in the works of N.C. Wyeth, Alphonse Mucha, Ed Ruscha, Anton Corbijn, Norman Rockwell, and Hokusai. Based in Oakland, CA, she’s also a musician, burlesque performer, photographer, and painter. Check out her work!

Ben, we’re so glad to have you back in action!

3 comments so far

  1. Anne Traver Says:

    Hi Ben!

  2. Savoychina1 Says:

    SHUT UP ! Crazy good poster, or for you older collectors, Neato ! Keen !
    Good to have you back !

  3. AR8Jason Says:

    It is good to see what you look like Ben. I figured you for a colorful personality. ;-)

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