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A Strange Mystery!!!!

shadsnsmudge's items1 of 8What are They????Promotional Biscuit toys!!!!!
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    Posted 11 years ago

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    I love these!! BUT I have absolutely no idea what they are...what language they are in or anything about them at all and I can't even begin to know where to start!!! So I decided to start right here!! :)
    The only clues I can find so far is that 1. Both are dated 1935 2.They look like some kind of napkin holder 3. They both have matching holes drilled through the top of one and bottom of the other (maybe to link them together??) 4. They may (very loose may) have some connection with the Masons???
    Not the greatest clues in the world but that's all I have!!!!!
    I feel a little like I'm trying to solve some sort of cryptex!!!!!
    Can anyone help me Please ?? :)

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    1. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 11 years ago
      I know enough in languages to get myself laid or killed just about anywhere in the world. This has me curious & as soon as I get over this summer cold I'm going to find out. Thought it was German at 1st until I blew it up & now think another nordic language such as Swede, Norge, Dane or even Fin.
      I live in dutch territory & have friends from most of those places.
    2. ho2cultcha ho2cultcha, 11 years ago
      could it be icelandic?
    3. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 11 years ago
      Yo, ho2, I think U might have it or on the right track. That would be close to Dane. I have a girl (Swede) who is studying in Denmark so can eliminate 2 at once if she has time to answer.
    4. vetraio50 vetraio50, 11 years ago
      It's written in a Germanic script called Suetterlin:
      " ...... a script, created by the Berlin graphic artist Ludwig Sütterlin (1865-1917), which was taught from 1915 to 1941 in German schools. It is also called the "the German handwriting". The writing is a standard form of the earlier and very different chancery writing which was mainly used by government officials."
    5. shadsnsmudge shadsnsmudge, 11 years ago
      Thanks guys for your interest and thoughts....Vetraio50 that link is brilliant, thankyou so much :) I'm gonna get pen to paper and my concentrating head on and do some translating!!!! :)..........I may be some time................
    6. shadsnsmudge shadsnsmudge, 11 years ago
      Tee Hee Blunderbus...........Laid is much much better than killed!!!!!! ;)
    7. vetraio50 vetraio50, 11 years ago
      I've had a better look at it now. I believe it is in German. I can't get all of it just words here and there. On the photo at left at the top are ' ... Schäfer Kandler", underneath "Dietz", then under "Schmidt II Merkt", "Rolf" etc
      On the larger one: "Stade" and two lines down "in der Zeit" and it ends I think with Dezember 1935. That narrows down the date a bit more.
      Clear as mud?
      Names. Schäfer Kandler is a fairly common combination.
      I think the smaller one on the left may be a list of names of those present at an event.
      The larger one looks like it has more information on it. If you could do a panorama of the text on it with a few photos it may become even clearer.
    8. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 11 years ago
      But I got neither. Yet. It gave me an excuse to open up things with Lina(the Swede) and I'm not going to tell her that Vetra--- came up with the answer. I was born at nite, - but it wasn't last nite!
      That was very interesting & thanksVetraio50. Dialects r fascinating to me & I've learned from this. Ever heard of "Wallon"?
    9. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 11 years ago
      Une moment! We have 1 part, so now what the hell r they?
      Meanwhile, I'm using vetra's site to translate, "I don't want to die with my boots on but in the saddle is alright"
    10. vetraio50 vetraio50, 11 years ago
      Des Wallons?
      Li Tchant des Walons ?
      "Nos estans firs di nosse pitite patreye,
      Ca lådje et lon, on djåze di ses efants...."

      Strangely my father's uncle was Catholic bishop and was the first in our family to get a university degree - a Doctorate of Divinity from l'Université catholique de Louvain. In those days it was still in Leuven.
      I worked as a teacher of both French and Italian. My special interest was in the dialects of Italy. Here in Australia we saw many Italians migrate from the poorer areas of Italy in the years after WWII. Dialects do interest me. In Italian there is a saying "paese che vai, usanza che trovi" or 'every town has its own particular customs'.
      As well I have a particular admiration for the Dutch. I collect Dutch pottery and glass. There are some amazing pieces on this site by two Dutch collectors:

      My question is : Are you one of the German speaking Walons from the East?

      I tread carefully!
    11. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 11 years ago
      I was trying to figure out how to communicate direct, but I'm only 3 yrs into pc's & have just used it for work & mail.
      You are an interesting chap. I live in St. Maarten(past 21 yrs) & St. Eustatius or "Statia" for 8 1/2 yrs prior. I admire anybody who can speak dutch, even if they were born & raised there! I also envy those who have the talent/gift of picking-up languages. West Indians have a true gift for it.
      Just looked over your site & U have beautiful stuff but not in my field. I am into antiques, especially weapons & work with the french & dutch musee's here as well as the archeological people. How did you end up in Aussie land? Have a couple of Aussie friends here as we have people from all over the world.
      I am a tech. por avions sur l'partie francaise icee. (My fr. is lousy also) but i get by. Working on aircraft has done a serious job on my hearing & I even have trouble with Eng. now.
      How was garlic-bread invented? By french farm women carrying bagettes home under their arms. Lot more fr. jokes but won't post here!
    12. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 11 years ago
      P.S. Vetra: Never heard of wallons in the Est? Thought we had them all under control in flanders!
    13. vetraio50 vetraio50, 11 years ago
      You will be in trouble if you post them!
      Sint Maarten is an interesting place though .... thoroughly un-Spanish and a stop off betwween New York/Amsterdam and Brazil!
      Trade had dropped many of us in odd spots around the globe ..... Australia included when trying to get to Batavia and then Manila in the time of Vermeer.

    14. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 11 years ago
      Yeah, i know what you mean. I took the wrong gate at MIA & ended out in Jamaica instead of Flagstaff,AZ in "73. After about 14 yrs there with overlaps, I ended out here(where ever that is? Oh yeah, the "wayward islands"! Wish you were here, - instead of me! Just joking. My Eastern Airlines ticket has expired but I wouldn't know where to go anyway. Actually I'm pretty happy here on "The Friendly 'F--king' Island".
      I actually almost came to Australia about 15 yrs ago but I was with this Hanover girl. I realized at the time that only 1 of us would arrive alive & afraid it wouldn't be me!
      Ok, jocko, most people leave there because of taxes so you must have an angle.
    15. shadsnsmudge shadsnsmudge, 11 years ago
      Wow.....I bow down to you guys!!!! :)
      I feel a warm happy vibe coming from my thread :) x
    16. shadsnsmudge shadsnsmudge, 11 years ago
      Vetra I feel you are a genius and I am actually in awe :)
    17. vetraio50 vetraio50, 11 years ago
      I'm just inquisitive. An extra pair of eyes always helps. Still trying to find out what they were used for. There is no bottom? The holes are at the bottom of the text in one case and at the top of the other. Did you get any further on the text?
    18. shadsnsmudge shadsnsmudge, 11 years ago
      Hey, I had a thought (this, in itself, is rather unusual for me!)...could these be like rings that go round the tops of ceremonial staffs maybe? That could explain the holes which are maybe used to screw or bolt them on? Any thoughts??
    19. vetraio50 vetraio50, 11 years ago
      If so there would have been some marks caused by the contact.
    20. shadsnsmudge shadsnsmudge, 11 years ago
      The insides both have a lot of deep scratching to the metal all over but the holes are perfect with no scratching or marks......hmmmmmmm :/
    21. vetraio50 vetraio50, 11 years ago
      Maybe we need some others to give an opinion and add some comment? Still think that the text eill give some more clues.

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