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  1. Thanks Trey I encourage everyone that has questions of their parents, grandparents etc to ask them now while they still can even if they are hard questions. I will never know my mothers motivation...
  2. I know it was uncomfortable but women just looked so beautiful dressed this way and men were all dapper in their hats and coats. Most women nowadays think sexy is showing everything they have and...
  3. Thanks Jean ...............yeah its the nightmare of changing all my documentation that worries me I think what I will do is make sure I document it well in my ancestry stuff and that they just put it...
  4. I will post my sons E.T. Collection later today........ he would love this!. Tristan is autistic and when he was very young he started repeating movie lines, and we thought it was just echoing but...
  5. Try it like this
  6. I love these type of pictures thanks for sharing it! ...................I fear that in 80-100 years from now that our Grandchildren won't have this kind of thing, just a bunch of digital pics of Grand...
  7. If I was in a hotel and Jack Nicolson was chopping my door down with this I would be very pleased I mean if you are gonna go, go in style right? Yes I watch too many horror movies for me to see an...
  8. Thats awesome Celiene! I am gonna dig around a little and see if he has any living ancestors I usually work the other direction in my geneology research but this will be fun
  9. Now thats a song you can dance to!
  10. While I haven't found anything on the well dressed children here is a little about your photographer John S LeFavour listed as a photographer lived (according to the record I just found) for 60 ye...
  11. Thanks for the loves and Thanks Phil! Oh and that car my half brother says is our Grandfathers prized '49 Pontiac that he kept up almost to his death. Any ideas on how someone could get the in...
  12. Lol way back when 10 miles might as well been 10,000 to some people, I guess they just married who was around..............that old "why go down the road when you can go down the hall mentality"
  13. Lol yes Tanya I understand what your daughter means he was always looking at me and Katherine he does have that slightly evil aura about him, I suspect he is possessed.......... I still sleep with...
  14. Made me think of all the little things in our home ...........the lines from the kids being measured near the kitchen door, the scribbled on walls long since painted over, the smells of my wifes cooki...
  15. wow great pic you should contact American Pickers Mike Wolfe he would probably love copies of these!
  16. Love it and yes just went through my moms old pics and there are some people who will never be identified just cause no one wrote their names down frustrating lol.......great pic!
  17. In the Army we don't steal we just relocate an item till we done using it lmao long as it still in service it hasn't been stolen :)
  18. Tallcakes I believe you are correct we used to try and relocate these from the mess lol but loved my P38 also aside from my weapon one of the best things the Army issued me lol
  19. Thanks Manikin and glad your boy home safe
  20. Pine Tar Honey sounds delicious! ...........gag lol Great find though!
  21. LOL I remember my Grandmother making us do this before we came back in at night but she had a big tub outside......great pic!
  22. As you have military correspondence it is a good bet that this may have been Powell's things at one time
  23. and this has to be the Baden Powell,_1st_Baron_Baden-Powell awesome find!!!! I am jealous lol
  24. Read this pretty interesting and it does mention a Cumberland lodge
  25. My boy received and he loves it! Sent you an email with his picture Thanks so much nice that there are still people out there that are just good people through and through.
  26. Amazing photo! I have a feeling that the guy in the chair may possibly pull out a Tommy Gun at any moment like he had the first prototype lol
  27. Thanks Tom I will have to look for it I never knew what ship he was on
  28. How did you find that out Tom? Thats great info!
  29. Awesome story Pat wish I could get away with no ID lol
  30. Thanks Lz great pics
  31. Cool article lzenglish
  32. I do alot of friends and family but mainly that just to sharpen my sleuth skills......I hate when I hit a roadblock as is the case with my great grandfather on my mothers side ....I recently got a few...
  33. It is a military knife that we used in our Demolition kits someone else had a different version of it just awhile ago on here, usually they were both together in the box
  34. Lol you are right Jewels I never saw it till you said that .........."i got two guns one for each of ya" lol my favorite Tombstone line
  35. Me too!!
  36. Yes I am sure it was
  37. LOL nah she be ok I mean after all she's family bah ha ha ha Now that you mention that alot of times the brothers would marry the widow of their brother to keep property, land etc in the family. One ...
  38. One story is I found that my wifes great grandparents were cousins and as I was still laughing about that I found that my wife and I share a common set of Grandparents in the 1700's .....I then stoppe...
  39. That blunt ended one we would use to make a hollow in the c4 to place the blasting cap and sometimes used as a screwdriver
  40. These were a standard in our old Army Engineer demolition boxes
  41. I practically live on ancestry lol And believe me the stuff some of those people were doing back then the gossip that must have flew around lol
  42. Well said Alan
  43. Just sent your video I finally wore him down lol I dont know if it sent or not but here is a link to it.
  44. Well he is in an especially non performing mood at present lol but i sent a pic and when I can get him playing I will send it to you.....he generally can just hear a song and play it but now he takes ...
  45. musikchoo I will do better than that I will have him play the E.T theme for you as he is also a very good pianist!! Will email you in a bit! He will be so excited and thank you for your kindness from ...
  46. The hasp on it looks like one I used to have from my uncles old military stuff
  47. very nice pic! your mom is Lovely
  48. Thanks and thank you for yours Jewels!
  49. Yes I wish they wouldve never changed them! And medics one of the hardest jobs in the Military I have the utmost respect for them. I was an old crusty Engineer but things got a little too PC for me so...
  50. Well Jewels its like Plato said "Its only the dead who have seen the end of war" it never leaves you, just have to rationalize it in your own way.
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