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  1. Do you collect antique medicine bottles?
  2. Any know anything about this?
  3. Thanks ThriftyGypsy
  4. This copy might save you some money and time:
  5. I am not sure how much it would cost. However, I am guessing it would be cheaper to purchase a better copy from eBay or ABE Books.
  6. Thanks Mary.
  7. I don't know
  8. Thats ok.
  9. leafs_11, her description said 1 ounce. I think you can safely assume it is once ounce.
  10. Looks like simplified Chinese so it is probably not very old, maybe 60 years old.
  11. email me at
  12. I collect unique items like these and I would love to have them in my collection.
  13. Thanks cwork
  14. Thanks packrat-place
  15. Thank you very much AR8Jason.
  16. Thanks Manikin.
  17. Possibly both. I doubt the baby would be working though.
  18. Thanks vanskyock24.
  19. Thanks walksoftly. I think the Christian part was the founders name. It also seems strange that there are children in a brewing photo.
  20. Thanks aycockonixon and officialfuel.
  21. Thanks Officialfuel.
  22. Thanks kerry10456 and Pop_abides. Now the challenge is to find out something about the company.
  23. Do you collect KKK items?
  24. Thanks for the like AR8Jason.
  25. Thanks packrat-place.
  26. Thanks for the story packrat-place. They had about 16,000 stores when this receipt was filled out.
  27. Thanks Manikin. I agree with you about the people not being abused anymore. This book features some people who were labeled as "freaks".
  28. WOW! Thanks Solver, I Googled his name but nothing came up.
  29. Yes, unfortunately it is.
  30. I just posted photos. The site will not allow me to mark this post as "Mystery Solved".
  31. I will do that soon.
  32. Thanks Scottvez. I also bought a ca. 1932 Circus scrapbook the belonged to one of the first members of the Circus Fan Association. I paid $20 for that but there is 99 pages of Circus related paper.
  33. I just found out that the teacher who is mention on this died in 1861.
  34. Thanks Scottvez. I got some Civil War era checks, postcards, and other weird paper items.
  35. I got this in a box lot with other paper for $15. Do you think I did ok?
  36. Thanks for help with the date Scottvez.
  37. Thanks Manikin, for the listings, however I could not find another one like mine.
  38. Thanks everyone. Solver, I did a search for the name but I could not find anything.
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Ca. 1932 Frederick E Loxley Circus Scrapbook