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Help with Painting Signature - Fine Artin Fine Art
Speckled Pottery Duck - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
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  1. Thank you!! I LOVE this one, too. It may be getting a frame soon. It deserves one. Still wish I knew the artist. I sure love researching and trying to solve the mystery of signatures but I ju...
  2. Thank you for your comments. Yes, a little paint would help that stark white spot!! :) Your idea about the name is exactly what I thought. The first period after the M looks a lot like an I (??)...
  3. Thomas and Karen, thank you both for your responses! Karen, now that you said that, I can definitely see AOKI or even ADKI in that signature--I just didn't see it before--another set or sets of eyes ...
  4. Just an update -- this ended up being Blenko designed by Joel Myers. I found in in the 1967 catalog, listed as number 6720.
  5. LOL--I can see that, too! Still feel like that actor is someone I should know. If it is Hollywood, hopefully some expert film-buff will be able to identify the actor for us.
  6. You may be right. Maybe German? The make-up artist looks like he might be Asian. It is hard to tell from that angle.
  7. This looks exactly like the short part of a 3 piece section wall-hugging dining unit--sometimes called a dining nook. I still have mine and it is identical to yours. I also have a longer identical p...
  8. It is probably a shingata (modern) style kokeshi rather than traditional.
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