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Two Crackle Colored Glass Bulb Forcing Vases (hyacinth) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Scandinavian Free Form Oblong Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Austrian Alps painting - 1851 - Fine Artin Fine Art
Watercolor by Jan Den Hengst - Fine Artin Fine Art
Beautiful Roses - Fine Artin Fine Art
My favorite - painting by Phil Kooser - Fine Artin Fine Art
Jasper National Park - oil by Margaret Lougheed - Fine Artin Fine Art
Glacier Du Rhone 1859 and today - Fine Artin Fine Art
Colorful Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Angelo Rossi Cranberry Chalet Glass Brides Basket - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Hi swfinluv1, thanks for bringing Ikea to my attention. Their business originated in Sweden. I think they started in 1940s as a mail order business and in the 1950s or 60s they started to open first...
  2. Good morning Lizzy, I think you are right. If they were not used for forcing bulbs in the past, they will be in the future! Thank you for your comment!
  3. The name is Per Lutken. I believe he is Danish. He usually signs his pieces. Unfortunately my bowl is not signed. Thanks.
  4. Good morning Rick, thank you for your comment. I was lucky to find the very old picture frame (complete with a damage from a mouse) at the local Thrift store.
  5. Hi Grendel, you should provide more information and a better picture of the signature. Also a picture of the back of the painting can be helpful. What kind of painting - oil on canvas or board? Can y...
  6. Thank you Rick for your comment. I wish I knew about collecting art glass as much as you do. For a while, I have been following your collection and it is fantastic. My husband and I have been colle...
  7. Hi, I have cleaned and saved a lot of old paintings by myself. I would do the following: 1. Remove the painting from the frame. 2. My guess is that it is oil on canvas. You should be able to tell t...
  8. Thank you Ivonne. I need to borrow your eyes. Now, I need to find out who D.V.was.
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