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  1. C'mon inbred, does it come apart and look like TMonty's half? Dying to know!
  2. Is the other end for installing new ones?
  3. Thanks for the info on the router plane and link ErieBirds. I can see how the blade clamp would work for both tools. Very interesting! Did the link work for the clamp I posted?
  4. Love your router plane! My Stanley doesn't have the extra mount on the blade clamp. Do you know what that is used for? The other item is a cue stick tip clamp. Could not find another with the hook on ...
  5. You are on the level fhrjr2...
  6. There is an iron plate in the upper right corner of the pic on the right. It has letters on it. If it is part of mechanism, could we get a better pic of it?
  7. I could use some more hints, please. How big? Is the punch end hollow? Thanks
  8. Used your clues billretirecoll. Here is what I found.
  9. Just read your logic UncleRon. I like it. Is this an automatic water seperator?
  10. Quite the puzzle! Pretty fancy for fuel or oil on a tractor. Output looks chromed like a water spout? Does this spout rotate for off and on? If it does rotate does this raise and lower the mercury fil...
  11. Point taken fhrjr2! Thanks for the details
  12. My Dad called it a pick Maddox. Or so I thought. I googled it and it is called a pick mattock! Thanks for posting so I could learn something.
  13. First link didn't work! Next one does.
  15. I think you have one of these. I can't make out the name on it. Your name looks right. Thanks for posting!
  16. It looks like one end if the tee handle could be used for that!
  17. Me too! It's amazing what you can learn on this site! Thanks for posting Loujrr and welcome to CW. Thanks slackjack for the ID!
  18. Slackjack nailed it!
  19. I don't think spanner wrench fits. I was just thinking out loud. Basin wrench fits better but why so pretty? How big is it? Tooth puller might be it
  20. What's it made of? Is that a jaw at the top? Looks like a beautiful spanner wrench! More pics would be good
  21. Your welcome. Glad I could help.
  22. Very cool! How did you solve the mystery?
  23. fhrjr2-The details you collectors know is amazing!
  24. Interesting tool. I searched for a "vintage adjustable square drive wrench" with some success. This is one that made sense. Could that name be hidden in your handle? We...
  25. Very interesting item Mysterious! Looks like you have the community stumped. How big is it? Is it iron or brass? If you put a piece of round stock in the top(or any other shape)would the knobs make it...
  26. Your welcome....and welcome to CW!
  27. Hope this link works better!
  28. Zim piston ring expander.
  29. Expert or not RCassano I think you solved it. Lots of pictures in Google using your info.
  31. Never have seen one so I went hunting with UncleRon's description. Found a picture.. Thanks for posting NorthernBullMoose and the solve UncleRon!
  32. Very nice collection
  33. No worry's. I just really like the banter! And you are right, this is a great site
  34. Are your questions answered Cadie?
  35. What do you think NickM?
  36. Watcha think demozast? Is your mystery solved?
  37. The original alignment machine? Very nice!
  38. I wish I figured this out before. It's a picture of your tool. Thanks for posting
  39. It's a grinder attachment for a bench grinder. It attaches where the standard tool rest does. You can clamp a straight blade in it and turn the knob to move the blade across the wheel. Works good for ...
  40. You can see some beautiful lovelock London coffee grinders on eBay!
  41. Ok! Looking forward to it
  42. It looks pretty cool but kind of hard to tell where your item starts and stops. Maybe a picture of the bottom showing the grinder mechanism? Any numbers or letters?
  43. Are you still out there, cairnwoods?
  44. Here is a picture of your item! A friend if mine,Dick the retired farmer have me the tip. It took a while searching for wire fence puller but I finally found one. I saw ot...
  45. Handy tool and brass is always nice!
  46. Center finder for round stock. The scale would tell the diameter.
  47. Have great day too Izenglish and drfran. Thanks for the interesting and informational posts!
  48. Great ID Izenglish! You swept the field on this one! I had no ID...
  49. Is there any large o-rings around? Could be an o-ring installation tool. O-rings would be loaded on straight pipe using the cone. Cone removed and fitting inserted in pipe and o-rings rolled off pipe ...
  50. You are encouraging me to do my homework Izenglish!lol I did see that The Dunhill Carbon Cutter made in Austria is made of steel, some said stainless or nickle plated. I also found some made by A. Dun...
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