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  1. How big is it? What do the ends look like?
  2. Thanks hedgewalker! Didn't know what a Spud was or the Spud wrench. Watched a video on YouTube. Now I do!
  3. I think a very nice collection of memories! Thanks for sharing
  4. My grandfather was an upholsterer so I recognized this right away. Thanks for posting.
  5. I used to be a millwright and worked with wire rope a bit. This seems a little delicate for that. I think just a big needle for when you need one.
  6. I had to look again and now I see the hinges! I think you are right about being a press. Maybe a hamburger or tortilla press. Fruit would explode everywhere!
  7. Also what kind of metal?
  8. It does look like a hammer! But I think not. With all those threads and a hex shaped handle I think some sort if adjusting mechanism. How big is it?
  9. My guess is part of a heavy duty door closer.
  10. Looks like the picture was right but description wrong in above link. This maybe better...
  11. Looks like you are right on bb2!
  12. Interesting item,Edgags. Been looking in my spare time. Lots of Billings wrenches on line. The rest if it I don't know. Is the needle shaped item have a hole through it? Does the extension rod? If so ...
  13. WAG #- If it is hollow maybe a gas light fixture. WAG#2-gas stove burner. Good luck
  14. Cool item! I hadn't seen tire chains like these before. I always learn something on this site. Thanks for posting
  15. Tire chains?
  16. Does it move? What does the knob do? Any numbers or letters? Curious item!
  17. Does it move? What does the knob do? Any numbers or letters? Curious item!
  18. Your welcome!
  19. I think you have the hold down for a drill press mortising attachment. The partial name tag looks familiar but I haven't found it yet. Very similar to this Craftsman.
  20. Thank you!
  21. Hold down clamp.
  22. Wow! Great item and solve Buckethead.
  23. Looks like some letters on handle. Perhaps PAT. Any numbers?
  24. It looks like there are tags but I can't read them. I would have guessed Delta or Rockwell. Beautiful old iron!
  25. I think you have a solve, showmetools!
  26. What do the knobs do?
  27. How big is it? Does the hole go all the way thru? Is it dome shaped or straight? Brass and bronze can be very similar as there are many possible alloys. Generally brass is more red, bronze is more yel...
  28. Absolutely! Collinsville, Il. I have been to the horseradish festival! Love it. I get most of my roots frin there...
  29. Welcome to CW, deestuff. Beautiful item! I will ask the obvious. Any numbers or letters? Good luck
  30. Is Starrett stamped on it anywhere? Thanks for posting.
  31. Is Starrett stamped on it anywhere? Thanks for posting.
  32. The picture looks as if the scribe is underneath the small knob. That is not where it should be. The machinist would get the point close and then fine adjust the tip with the small knob. The spring al...
  33. Really cool item! Now I know why you wonder if it could be a toy. Could be something for a train set. Good luck.
  34. Dimensions might help. How about a picture of the markings?
  35. I don't unferstand. Where is the chamber?
  36. What is the round item? The piece with the name on it looks like a part of a cork screw. I looked at alot of them by this company and while close could not find an exact match. The seem to be collecta...
  37. Yes, very helpful as always fhrjr2! Was just reading about that in a Diston handbook online. Good reading and thanks for the lesson
  38. I didn't think it looked like a green wood saw but I am no lumber jack. Started looking at meat saws- no luck. Looked at ice saws. Couldn't find those teeth but look at this ones handle. https://go...
  39. My first guess is a pattern. Half is the cope and the other half the drag. I can't figure out what is tho...
  40. C'mon inbred, does it come apart and look like TMonty's half? Dying to know!
  41. Is the other end for installing new ones?
  42. Thanks for the info on the router plane and link ErieBirds. I can see how the blade clamp would work for both tools. Very interesting! Did the link work for the clamp I posted?
  43. Love your router plane! My Stanley doesn't have the extra mount on the blade clamp. Do you know what that is used for? The other item is a cue stick tip clamp. Could not find another with the hook on ...
  44. You are on the level fhrjr2...
  45. There is an iron plate in the upper right corner of the pic on the right. It has letters on it. If it is part of mechanism, could we get a better pic of it?
  46. I could use some more hints, please. How big? Is the punch end hollow? Thanks
  47. Used your clues billretirecoll. Here is what I found.
  48. Just read your logic UncleRon. I like it. Is this an automatic water seperator?
  49. Quite the puzzle! Pretty fancy for fuel or oil on a tractor. Output looks chromed like a water spout? Does this spout rotate for off and on? If it does rotate does this raise and lower the mercury fil...
  50. Point taken fhrjr2! Thanks for the details
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