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  1. I love the cut outs along the edges!
  2. He thinks he is really hot stuff! Well, he is. :P
  3. I really like these... Maybe I should start looking for them. What do I need to know as a beginner?
  4. So beautiful..... I'm jealous!
  5. I have found many of my favorite treasures in thrift stores. One man's trash and all that. :)
  6. The picture is called a lithophane. I love this site....
  7. I believe this is Celadon, but not my area of expertise. Good luck!
  8. CUTE!! Now, can you make the ferris wheel spin?!
  9. I forgot to add this is HUGE! Almost 4 feet tall!!
  10. The horn is missing and you only have a couple of spools, those aren't easy to find. But find them and you could get over 300 for this.
  11. Radio prices depend a lot on condition and if they are working. Non-working condition guesstimate 30 dollars. Working and in perfect shape 120 to the right buyer. I am not an expert on radios, just l...
  12. I want to redo my kitchen in a 50's style dinner... this would look GREAT!!
  13. Around 70, but that is just an estimate. Might be a bit lower or higher.
  14. Try EBay... you can find almost anything there.
  15. Japanese porcelain Imari style.
  16. The picture in the bottom of the cups are called lithophane. Check this site.
  17. Dizzydave has it right. Satsuma style, Japanese, value around $150.
  18. Mid century Kutani tea set. Value approx $50.
  19. Japanese Satsuma Moriage. You can find hundreds of different items in this style. Miniature vases, incense burners, candle holders, ect.
  20. 1940's eggshell approx. 50 dollars depending on condition.
  21. Kutani from the 1930's. And the thin porcelain is called 'eggshell'
  22. Japanese pottery and porcelain prices have dropped dramatically in the last few years. But still a beautiful item.
  23. Japanese enamel satsuma style.
  24. Japanese stem vase. 1920-1940 Unusual but nice.
  25. Not the best pictures but my guess is Japanese Kutani or Imari. No sure since I can't see much.
  26. I love this vase. Let me know if you want to part with it.
  27. Chokin I think
  28. I think this mark is from A.A. Velentine company.
  29. Appears Chinese, kind of like cinnabar but not red.
  30. Japanese Satsuma made around the turn of the century. Value about $100 a piece or $250 for the pair.
  31. This is Japanese Earthenware, made around 1910 I think.
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