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Hand Blown Glass Pitcher - Art Glassin Art Glass
Glass ball with strange closed top - Fishingin Fishing
Old dish - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
An intersting small piece 
1950's original painting 
Odd looking tin 


  1. Might also be a print with that crappy white frame
  2. hunt for that signature
  3. Possibly a wine vessel (Catholic) but I could be wrong
  4. at first I thought it was a float, but then guess differently, I used to have the Japanese floats in all colors, picked them up along the coast in Oregon
  5. Sweet, I kind of thought so about it.
  6. Might be yes - and I don't think it's a fire extinguisher grenade, as the bottle is empty
  7. There is no opening that's merely a grasping or a tie point. It's totally sealed
  8. No markings at all, kind of reminds me of a float thought
  9. I have one just like it in blue
  10. Nice find, I love those types of sales, take all for a few bucks to find out you've acquired a gem. A lot of elderly people are doing this, parting out with their wares, some of which can be nice anti...
  11. They look like cuff links to me. Art Deco. Very nice too, such a great find
  12. Nice plated piece
  13. Nazi crap
  14. That thing might give someone nightmares
  15. If it's marked 800 it means 80% silver. 925 is Sterling are there any other marks on it, any hallmarks, sometimes you have to look closely. Also look under felt, there may be some more information.
  16. not really
  17. It's a detonator!
  18. Is there a keyhole or latch on one end?
  19. http://www.tangozuluimports.com/zulu-baskets-traditional/
  20. It's a proof. Worth about $2.50
  21. Nice piece, I found this http://www.thepotteries.org/mark/p/podmore_walker.html
  22. Take it to a jeweler before you do anything such as sell it, find out what type of stone it is
  23. Probably 1980's
  24. Any seams?
  25. Zulu, if you can find out the exact pattern or when it was crafted, it could be worth quite a bit.
  26. A gem, even though I'm a Dodge guy I love seeing the old pre-72 iron
  27. Sweet, worth about $200
  28. Be careful there's a lot of fakes out there, best to do some searching on it, as well as the marks if any. It might be very old or a commonly made piece 1920's - What's suspect is the patina, it lo...
  29. I have a few of my own, some are different. not valuable but a decorative item. Unless there's markings on the base, it's hard to tell. Check out a few bottle sites.
  30. This tin might be a newer tin, I suspect that it may be based on the pictures and the company. Muriel is still sold I gather.
  31. Look closely at the box markings but the base of the tin should have a makers mark or name there. most likely this is original. What are the others you have. I have tons of references. I collect these...
  32. The tin itself is worth roughly $15-30 but with the box if it's all original will notch that up to around $40, possibly $50
  33. Might be a communion token, possibly English 17th century. Any marks on it, words?
  34. Most likely Murano, mid 50's. I've seen quite a few here and there, this one looks particularly nice.. Usually there'd be a mark on the stopper somewhere. Mine has a mark on the base and the stopper.
  35. Oil tank for a Peerless motorcycle?
  36. I've looked up the stoves, it might actually be an oil tank or a reservoir for an old engine as the top inlet has a funnel shape.
  37. Probably, and the bleed valve atop might be for escaping vapor. But I've yet to see one like it online.
  38. It's not an expansion tank, too thin. Possibly to do with a stove or heating.
  39. Thanks, I'm stumped
  40. I've got two already, very crude though but a nice piece to display. And it is a Wade. Possibly 1870's. There's many out there and quite a few collectors seem to hang on to theirs. Great find.
  41. looks like a signature down on the right? Do you own this? Check the back for a number or label. It looks to be about 24x30
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Mystery silver clips


Old flatware