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  1. That was great. Just read it. The lithograph I posted came from the same estate. I'm still trying to get information on it. It does say congress and Washington but haven't found anything on it as of y...
  2. This was awesome and informative. Really appreciate it.
  3. Thanks Scottvez I sure will
  4. Still can't find any information on these dolls.
  5. Once again, thank you Manikin. You're awesome
  6. Did, thank you.
  7. Rodolfo8 Thank you so much. It definitely is a Heron Martinez piece. I just found it on his site. It's called Chariot. That's you agin. I really appreciate it. This is one of my favorite pieces.
  8. I'll have to check on those but I doubt it's any of them. I was told it's over 60 years old. Thank you, appreciate it.
  9. Haha it actually does look like her but it's probably not since they told me it's over 60 years old. But hey, they could have lied. But you're good because I couldn't guess anyone Thanks Hun.
  10. Thank you all. I'm still trying to do more research on it for possibly sale later on
  11. Yes it is, thank you. The details on it is great and to think it's over 60 years old and still in great shape is impressive. I bought 4 from the same estate and their items were all pristine.
  12. Yes, it's incredible. I fell in love with all the details when I saw it and had to have it.
  13. You all are awesome. Thank you so much. This definitely helped and I like how led it up and you're correct TA. Thank goodness I didn't pay much. Appreciate you all.
  14. Thank you very much T A. Feels like a water color not a print but I may have to take it to get checked. I really appreciate your help.
  15. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. I'm not too familiar with any of this so any input help greatly.
  16. Haha I just realized I put Germany in my comments instead of England maryh1956
  17. You're awesome Manikin. Thank You. Much Appreciated
  18. Thank you so much Porcelaindoll123 I really appreciate it. I didn't think they were as old as they said they were but figured I'd ask someone that would know better. Again, thank you.
  19. SpiritBear. Thank you so much. You're all awesome.
  20. Thank you so much shareurpassion. I really appreciate it. I'm so in love with it and couldn't find any other like it.
  21. Thank you racer4four. I greatly appreciate your help.
  22. Thank you so much and yes it was an amazing find. I'm in love with it. Just need to do my research now. Haha
  23. Thank you both. I appreciate it. I will look when I get home to see if there's any marking.
  24. Thank you so much Ivan, I really appreciate it. Many Blessings to you and your family.
  25. Thank You. I really appreciate your feedback.
  26. Didn't measure it when I first took the pic.
  27. I think it's too big to be cologne. It has no smell and it's 8" inches tall and 6" inches wide. Bottle is green inside but feels like some type of leather casing outside.
  28. Thank you CanyonRoad. Really appreciate it
  29. Thank You "Master"
  30. Thank you so. I really appreciate it.
  31. Thank you so much for the information. It is greatly appreciated. Someone didn't tell me the full truth when they sold it to me. Glad I didn't pay much for it.
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