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Just another "old soul" who has a passion for history and a love for items from times gone by. My father introduced me to estate auctions and antique stores when Just another "old soul" who has a passion for history and a love for items from times gone by. My father introduced me to estate auctions and antique stores when I was a child. The collecting gene was passed on from him. Blue Willow, pie birds and illustrated children's books were my first collections of vintage items and antiques, and remain my favorites. I have many treasured items that were passed down to me through my maternal grandmother (who passed away in 2003) and through my father (who passed away in 1997). In my free time, I volunteer with the Friends of Brandywine Springs on archaeology digs at the site of a 19th century amusement park and help run our museum displaying some of our finds. I am also an elected member of their Board of Directors. I am no longer an active, participating member of Collectors Weekly. If you wish to contact me you can do so by emailing DeweyBeachHistory @ Sarah (my initials are SMD) (Read more)


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Vintage Royal Worcester pie bird (blue & white) - Kitchenin Kitchen
Vintage Royal Worcester Pie Bird  - Kitchenin Kitchen
"The Raggedy Animal Book" - First Edition 1928 - Booksin Books
Sheet music folio - “Scenes From Alice In Wonderland”, 1908 - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
Sheet Music - “Heigh-Ho” from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” 1938 - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
Sheet music - "The Wedding of the Painted Doll" 1929 - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
Sheet Music - Christmas theme (4 pieces) - Christmasin Christmas
Swagger Sticks - Accessoriesin Accessories
"The Tale of Benjamin Bunny" 1904 by Beatrix Potter (1st Edition, I think!) - Booksin Books
"Jack In the Box" 1880's - Booksin Books


  1. The Blue Willow pattern tells a story which you can follow along with by looking at the images on the plate. Here it is: "There was once a Mandarin who had a beautiful daughter, Koong-se. He employed...
  2. It's identity can be found in the words over the service doors. Can you take a magnifying glass to it and try to make it out? It's a Lifesaving Station / Coast Guard station (depending on the year, th...
  3. Sorry, typo - should have been "They are not flow blue". With flow blue, the blue glaze is blurred or "flowed" during the firing process. Do a Google image search for flow blue and you will see what ...
  4. There are not flow blue. The pattern is called Blue Willow, they are very common especially ones like yours (not as old). Is there a mark on the bottom? They were made by a lot of manufacturers ov...
  5. It is much harder to find genuine vintage & antique birds in today then it was 15 + years ago. Most I have seen both in antique stores and online are reproductions being passed off as vintage or antiq...
  6. Just found the 1899 regulations and it's really neat to read it and then look at his uniform in the picture again: UNIFORM FOR SURFMEN. Sec. 274. 1. Coat--To be of dark indigo-blue kersey or ...
  7. Thanks! The family resemblance has definitely been passed down. Walksoftly - good observation, and a bit eerie!
  8. Thanks, Bruce! That is really interesting about the clock being customized & rebuilt. I will share this information with my brother, he will be grateful to know more about it.
  9. Bruce, thanks a million! Would your reference book happen to have any information on the Seth Thomas ship clock that I also have posted? Click my name and scroll down, it's after this clock.
  10. I'm Sarah! (Initials are SMD, don't ask me why I chose that as my user name on here!).
  11. I have one of these stored away in the basement. I was just thinking the other day I should bring it out and clean it up for my boyfriend's 4 year old daughter to play with. I have furniture and peopl...
  12. You can call me Sarah!
  13. My mother is Dewey Beach's town historian (volunteer). I am well versed in the history of Life Saving Station No. 141, and the history of all things Dewey Beach for that matter. The town website you ...
  14. No, I have never heard of Lighthouse Digest Magazine. I will look into that, thanks. There is a chapter in a book called "Dewey Beach History & Tales" about Life-Saving Station No. 141, and this ph...
  15. Someone posted one of these a few months back. I had one of these as a kid, will never forget it!
  16. AR8Jason, what was the name of that book? The scanned image posted here is a copy of the original.
  17. BeauxPurdy, I am glad this helped you solve the mystery! A blackbird pie bird made in England is what got me started on my collection when I was 12 or 13.
  18. Does anyone here know anything about photo restoration?
  19. Yes, it's Diana the Huntress with her greyhound. In Roman mythology, she was the goddess of the hunt, moon and birthing. Greyhounds, borzoi and other sighthounds are commonly seen in Art Deco artwork.
  20. What a wonderful piece of your family history to have. The images are not stickers but rather die cuts that were glued on, they were commonly used in Victorian-era scrapbooks.
  21. Thanks for the comments! I do not own the original of this photo, a family member does.
  22. You can see more pictures from this book in an eBay listing someone has for a copy of it (not mine!):
  23. I do believe it is a first edition. I have not taken it anywhere to confirm that, however from my research and in having a friend who is also into old books take a look at it, we both have a good feel...
  24. This is truly a special piece, and amazing that i remains in the same family.
  25. Thank you! It's unlike anything I have collected before.
  26. Thanks! I just loaned my collection of WW II sheet music to a museum for an upcoming exhibit, I will post them once they are returned.
  27. It's greyhound, Mene used the breed for a lot of his sculptures. Nice piece, especially if it's original.
  28. Thaks for the great information, Jim! I will take another look at the trunk with fresh eyes. Did you see my other posts of items that came inside the trunk? In the top tray, perfectly fit into the sec...
  29. This trunk still has me wondering. Why are there straps and padding inside? Why the odd shape for the compartments? Why is the interior front raised up while the back flush to the bottom, is something...
  30. This piece is no longer in my collection. It has a new home now and will be missed. The new owner said that this piece was actually mounted to the radiator cap and not used as a hood ornament??
  31. Of course the camera battery is dead. For more photos, go to which is the online auction catalog from 2006 ...
  32. Here is a copy for sale on
  33. What does the it say inside the book for publisher and date? I cannot not read the print under the illustration on the cover that you posted since you have it showing sideways.
  34. Wait! But, a box of matches could have fit right into it. The large boxes of match sticks.
  35. Oh, I just noticed there is no lid. So I am probably way off!
  36. Looks like a match holder to me. Back in the day match holders were mounted to the wall near the gas stove so the match sticks were handy for lighting.
  37. I don't know, but am thinking the fact it's been converted might detract from the value of the actual oil can? Here's one of the same oil cans up for sale on ebay:
  38. I played this game growing up! My parents kept it in a cabinet above the fridge where us kids could not get to it. Every now and again it would come out and we would play it as a family which made it ...
  39. Or just use Google Translate
  40. This is from the late 1920's, Giant International Series, I think there were around 24 volumes in this series. Check ... actually here you go:
  41. Sir Edwin Henry Landseer, English Painter, 1802-1873. Recently on Antiques Roadshow there was an appraisal for plates with his paintings, go to What does the ...
  42. The trays alone are often seen for sale in antique stores with picture hanging wire on the back to hang them on a wall and put collections of miniatures in. It's neat to see a printers cabinet in its ...
  43. Oh memories! Had one of these in the house growing up, if there was a strange noise outside (wooded property) Dad would go out with the Big Beam flashlight to take a look. That sucker could shine all ...
  44. Ahh I did not read the description on that webpage, just saw the photo and it seemed similar! So it's made to look like Meissen in the Blue Onion pattern, but it's not.
  45. What I don't understand is the pattern appears to be Meissen Blue Onion, but it does not bear the Meissen mark of crossed swords so leads me to believe it's a reproduction, but an old one.
  46. Here's a twin to your crock missing it's lid, this one says just "Sugar" :
  47. "Cut sugar" means sugar cubes.
  48. Neat idea with the double feature. I believe there were 15 books in this series, they are easy to come by for $2 a book.
  49. I second that, it's a reproduction. See them for sale in Philadelphia all the time.
  50. Thanks for the love! I love it, too. I was talking with my mother on the phone, and she told me the place where she purchased it had several other Beatrix Potter stories along with this one and when ...
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Victorian Christmas Album from my great, great grandmother to my grandmother Victorian Era...1879 Chatterbox Junior & Little Tots ABC