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I collect anything that strikes me at the moment, especially shiny things.


  1. Hi SpiritBear, This lamp has the mounting bracket for a wagon, which explains its name. I collect one of every type of kerosene or oil lamp that catches my fancy, so I pay no attention to collectabi...
  2. Thank you Chrisnp! I was confused because it is in such good condition for dating to the end of WWII!
  3. i am not convinced it was cut down, it is very smooth and follows the contour better than any cut down that I have seen as well as the unusual location of the illustrators name being printed under the...
  4. Thank you so much SherwoodBrothers! Great information. I wondered what the design was.
  5. Thanks for sharing your story, fhrjr2! Love it! and thanks again to rocker-sd, you rock!
  6. After a lot of research, I have found that it is a based to an old water heater! It makes a great plant stand.
  7. Great time of year to post this! Happy almost Independence Day!
  8. Thanks aghcollect, vetraio50, blunderbuss2. It is nice to know that people appreciate these items! Have a great day!
  9. They still sell these at military shows, swap meets and army surplus stores. The ones I have seen at these events have the primers removed, but it is safer to have a knowledgeable person check.
  10. Thanks for the love guys, I am going to wear the pink one to work tomorrow! Now to figure out how to make a proper chignon.
  11. Thanks pw-collector, blunderbuss2 and mustangtony!
  12. Thanks trunkman, blunderbuss2 and mustangtony!
  13. Thanks pw-collector, blunderbuss2 and mustangtony! I can't wait to get this re-matted etc.
  14. Thank you for your input, blunderbuss2, I know next to nothing about this, picked it up cheap at a flea market in Pennsylvania. I know it isn't Pennsylvanian :)
  15. Thanks Justanovice and mustangtony for the love!
  16. The inside diameter is pretty small, about 5/8 inch.
  17. Thanks Phil!
  18. Thanks Phil.... and Bratjdd. I fell asleep in this rocker once already!
  19. Haven't been on in a while, thanks fitter475!
  20. I thought I was one of the few nuts that finds old canning jars so appealing! I love my jars! I use mine to store all sorts of items from Qtips to laundry detergent. I have a few special ones that ...
  21. Thanks, ohmyflyguy, I will definitely check that all out! I love my plane, it is hanging in my living room!
  22. Thanks, everyone! I need to go buy more dried peas, then I can give peas a chance.
  23. Thanks fhrjr2! I just love this and it still flings peas very well. Have a happy birthday, hope you receive some cool toys too!
  24. My son thanks y'all for your appreciation.
  25. I can't tell you about the company, but I remember using one like this many moons ago in the volunteer FD.
  26. I will take a wild guess that it has a little bit of a smudge pot look to it. The difference is in the top, no wind baffle.
  27. Thanks tlmbaran.
  28. I just did some research and realize that this is actually a Navy cook's measuring cup, not a coffee mug (I didn't even notice the graduations inside!). Another important item to keep the sailors hap...
  29. Nice job! It looks loved now.
  30. This is a Dietz Acme Inspectors lamp. These were made from about 1900 - around 1960 and were used on the railroad to do paperwork and inspect various mechanical parts of the trains. Nice!
  31. Thanks for the love packrat, Lostinspace and officialfuel. Next step is to clean it out. If anyone has suggestions on cleaning the cloudy residue I would appreciate it. I was going to try mineral s...
  32. Feeling the love! Thanks everyone.
  33. Thanks sayer34!
  34. Thanks Justin-sanford! I was guessing something like that also. It looks like it sat in an attic or a barn for quite some time, it was all spider webby looking, still looks that way around the naile...
  35. Now the Forest Service gives out cheap "made in China" stuff. Hold onto the vintage items! There are Smokey Bear collectors out there.
  36. I have no idea what it is, but it is way cool.
  37. Looks like the base of the portrait could be porcelain, this piece was made to be a brooch or pendant due to the hardware on the back. I love that the rear view is as attractive as the portrait, almo...
  38. Definitely a humidor/ smoking stand. Is there an area in the copper that has holes? Usually there is a vented area so that the environment can be controlled.
  39. Their expressions are priceless!
  40. What a nice way to preserve the history of your neighborhood. Some day these will be gone, either bulldozed or rot into piles of scrap. I love the 3rd picture!
  41. Thanks Vontrike! I guess I should gett my duster out and give it a good cleaning now.
  42. I love the finger lamps and the different patterns on the tops of the chimneys.
  43. As a part-time employee of Smokey, I love it! Is this one plastic or metal?
  44. Thanks rocker-sd! If you have any more info on it, let me know.
  45. I purchased a new viking ship around the same dimensions in Norway about 17 years ago. It was sold as a salt cellar. It came with 2 little viking themed spoons and was for placing salt on the table....
  46. My son collects vintage cap/toy guns. This is awesome!
  47. I can't help you with what it is, but in the world of collecting, if you love it, you can never pay too much!
  48. Thank you Chrisnp and Ilikeart. Got them for a song at an antique store that didn't know they were bayonets! I love the history behind them, they will be displayed on my wall somewhere.
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