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Ornate Silver - What is it? - Silverin Silver
What do you know about this horse? - Animalsin Animals
Iridescent Hand Blown Art Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Cuban Art Print - Artist? - Fine Artin Fine Art
Sea Witch? Mer-Monkey? What is it? - Fine Artin Fine Art
Black Elephant - What Could It Be Made Of? - Animalsin Animals
Unidentifed Sculpture - Woman on Horseback, Fox or Wolf Chasing - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. I came upon a similar item today at an estate. Now I have two and am delighted with them! Still do not know what it is made of. I find no similar examples searching (so searching for wrong thing) and...
  2. Yes, I agree, sounds like metal when tapped and does not "feel" like ceramic.
  3. Love it! I have one that my son gave me many years ago, but it does not have the tongue sticking out. Thanks for posting - a delight to see.
  4. Hi, Kutchi. Does it seem to have hollow legs as well? (Therefore not wood?) Not sure if there is a way to link the photos/comments on the ones Mark and I posted.
  5. Saw this post just now and it caught my eye for the large, blue/white stone as I just got some Larimar jewelry in the Domincan Republic and my Mother added to my set by giving me a lovely Larimar ring...
  6. Hi, Mark. So funny, I have another incredible elephant family figurine I have always thought was ironwood or ebony. After our posts I re-examined. It also appears to have hollow legs on the elephants!...
  7. Also, always helps to note measurements and weight. Does it feel hollow or solid?
  8. Cool Black Panther! There are a number of similar items listed on eBay - but not quite that large. Most are paper mache with leather covering. You should be able to find some hints and go from there.
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Cast Iron Dachshund Boot Scraper Vintage German Silver Alloy Rabbit Giant Puma